Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn pleasures: chestnuts and apples

 There are many things that I like so much in Autumn and two of them are chestnuts and apples. The chestnuts, not like most people who like them roasted, I  prefer to eat it boiled. And I do eat them all Autumn long.

Apples. Not that I eat a lot of them raw. In this I am also unlike most people because I really prefer them in crumble. And if I eat apple crumble every Autumn!
So today I will make it again. If it will look nice maybe I will post a picture of it. One thing I know, I will find it very good to eat.

43 days for Christmas and I'm back.

Christmas countdown banner

Yes, 43 days for Christmas. And I'm back.
I've been away for almost an year. Last post I did was last year and I was talking about Christmas. it was December.
I have been on other places and now I'm missing this little corner. So, girls, I'm back.