Thursday, November 26, 2015

The First Thanksgiving

More than a half-century before the Pilgrims broke bread with the Wampanoags, Spanish colonists landing in St. Augustine, Florida, feasted with indigenous Timucua tribesmen in what some historians contend was America’s first Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Pudding

Do you know what it is? In England is an institution, everybody knows about it but maybe in the US nobody does. Well in my home we must have it every Christmas.

I never made it, I always buy it so I don't know if this recipe I found on BBC is good but I bet it is. 

Classic Christmas pudding

Maybe you would like to try it - maybe I will one of these years. For now I will have the ones already bought and which I can hardly wait to eat. But I will, on Christmas Day we must eat them. At last !

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's wrapping time

Talking about Christmas ! Yey !! I'm organising my wrapping supplies.

I know I have a lot of wrapping paper from last year because I like it so much I always buy more than I need but I know that as soon shops here begin selling it, I'm going running buying for more as if I had any or as if there was the danger of the shops be running out of paper.

It's that time of the year again and, you may think I'm crazy, but I like it. I do like wrap presents, choosing the paper, the bow, the tag, all that make me happy. Just one problem. I wonder why in spite of the several sessions I always end up having to do last wrapping on Christmas Eve. 
I'm so decided: this year I will have all my wrapping work done before that. 

After Christmas I will come here with an open heart and confess myself. If I failed I will tell you the truth.
Maybe I can wrap just one...or three...but not more than that !

On Christmas Eve I like to only concentrate on kitchen work: no cleaning, only the dailies, no wrapping, no worries of any kind, only cooking and baking for Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Lunch.

It's nice to freely think about Christmas when, to say the truth, December didn't arrive yet. But why not ? Why must we be allowed to only think and talk about it in some given date ?
Let's be free and talk away about Christmas. I like it and I will do it all the time till it arrives !

The then little girls always liked so much the Disney papers. As I still have one young girl I will try to find some to wrap her presents this year too.
But what is funny is that last Christmas the big ones said they like child papers too for their presents.
Ok, I will do that for them also.

Oh, I can't wait to begin wrapping.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Is it Autumn or Summer ?

So here I am again.
Every year I begin dreaming of Christmas in September. In a very shy way, without telling anybody.
Then it comes October. I then feel I can think of all that a little freely. In the beginning still a bit in the way I think when it's September and then...there it comes the last week of October ! Then I feel absolutely free to think about Christmas all I want. And I feel happy about it.

But now...as I am free to think all I can about it, suddenly I stopped in my tracks.
We have here a meteorological phenomenon which we call St. Martin's Summer. I wonder if that happens in other parts of the world. Around St. Martin's day (11 November) the weather stops getting colder and temperatures rise again.
Can you believe we have now 24ºC ? In November ? Whatever next ? Not Christmassy at all.
So I'm waiting for next week hopping it will be colder again and then I will be in Christmas mode again.

I need to do a lot of lists - I do like lists.
I will tell you when I get in the wagon again and have my lists ready.

Many people is happy about this little Summer but not me, I can't wait for real Autumn again.
I have already some presents bought, wrapping paper, decorations and we are having 24º ?!

I want the cold back !