Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Scrap

Lola, at What Lola Wants & Some Unsolicited Advice , gave me an Award and choose me to say some 10 things true about me.

So, here they go.

1. I am Catholic. Not just in words, I am trully Catholic. I try hard to follow the law of God and Church, against all odds, against the spirit of the world, even when people laugh, because I believe I am in the true path.

2. I am Monarchist. I believe that is the right thing for every country. A president always have to pay the votes to the ones who put him in power. A King was prepared to be it since he was born and doesn't need to pay the votes.

3. I am a working wife and mother and I don't like it. My work is very interesting but has no comparison to what is to be a full time wife and mother. I dream about the day I won't work outside any longer.

4. Home is the place I like to be - and going to Mass.

5.I like England so much that if I hadn't a big extended family - parents, brothers, nephew, etc - I would ask my husband to move.

6. Because that is not possible, I dream about buying a tiny house in England to go there on holiday every time I want.

7. I like the rain. I can't stand the hit and summer all together.

8. I long to be a very good homemaker - this work is still in progress.

9. I like movies very much. I also like to see history programs, nature, etc. So, between the time I spend in the internet and seeing television, I struggle to achieve the good homemaker goal.

10. I like my grey hair. I never pretend I'm younger because age is very nice and good thing and we must praise Our Lord for it.

Now I choose:

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For more information go to Lola.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday - June 29


The weather in my neck of the woods
Today and yesterday rained a lot. Praise the Lord, I like the rain so much.

One of my simple pleasures
Looking ar the rain.

On my bedside table
The Rosary.

On my TV
Quite at this moment of the morning (9,25 AM)

On the menu for tonight
Lamb. My husband will cook it.

On my To Do List
To fold a lot of clothes. Cleaning the kitchen. Tidy the laundryroom.

New Recipe I tried last week:

In the craft basket
So neglected these days.

Looking forward to
Have my laundyroom tidy.

Homemaking Tip for this week
Do a 15 minute work in everything you are procrastinating about.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other)
Beauty in the Garden.

Favorite photo from last week
My plants are growing so nicely.

Lesson learned the past few days
It's better to do a little each time but do it everyday then work a lot one day only.

On my Prayer List
My mother.

FamilyDevotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses
As the dear longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for You, o God.
Psalm 42:1

Happy Homemakers Monday at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I just realized I've been away for quite a while and I don't like it.

The weather has been very hot and I don't like it also. At all. The ones who know me know that I can't stand summer. I feel I can't do anything. But, well, summer is here and I must endure it for some months until autumn comes.

Having said that, let's go, one day each time.

I just want let you with some flowers of mine. They are liking the summer because I keep watering them, otherwise they would be all dead.

Look at them, aren't they nice?

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 years old !

Saturday, 6 of June, it was one of my girl's birthday:10!

I made a cake and it was a lovely day.

Yesterday it was her party somewhere else where there are birthday parties. There she went with her school friends. They had a lot of playing and after that it was the party with sandwiches, drinks and another cake.

Praise the good Lord. It was two wonderful days and she was so happy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pink Saturday

The rain has been so good for the plants. Look at these beauties.

For Pink Saturday at Kimberly's How Sweet the Sound.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hooked on Rain

Call me crazy, but I'm hooked on rain. The Summer, the heat, all those things most people like, I don't.

So, when today I realized that was begining to rain I could only hope for some nice good rain.

At first it was only some drops but even so the day was delightfull and fresh.

Suddenly, there was the most amazing strong rain falling down, the air was cool and everybody was looking at the window: rain !

My plants were all happy and wet.

For Hooked on Fridays at Hooked on Houses.

Showing the way

For Skywatch Friday.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to homemaking

Yesterday my big girls had their Sacrament of Confirmation. All the week was very nervous for me. Everything went so well, praise the Lord.

Today is the return to normal life. Homemaking in all fields, including ironing.
Also laundry washing, puting on the line, picking up and fold. I have already tons to fold and put away.
And cleaning and tidying up.

Well, it's better to go now.