Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday lunch

Last sunday my husband invited my mther and father to come to our house and have lunch with us again.

As a starter, my husband made avocado and mozarella and tomato, everything very well seasoned and also shrimps.

Then, it was soup, made with turkey and turkey pie.

For dessert, Christmas pudding.

We had one too at Christmas lunch.

There were two, one on top of the other, bought at Harrods, like the one we had last Christmas.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

The one we ate sunday was from another shop.

It was such a good meal and a good time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Fun

Now, an idea from Kelli, at There Is No Place Like Home.
We go month by month and post the first sentence of the first post in every month.

I didn't tell you before but we, after Christmas, went to ENGLAND !!!

To England

Yesterday began the centenary of the assassination of our King and Prince Royal - they were killed on the 1 february of 1908.

I just leave you with a corner of my home: books to the ceiling.

Where should I put all the books?

I realized that, when I was doing that series of Colours of my life, I didn't post about red.

My oldest daughter had her birthday on the April 21 but decided that the best day to have a party and invite her friends was the first of May.

Today I wake up with this song:

I found this at http://www.yvestown.com/ and I decide to do it also.

My blog has been quite silent.

Almond cake

I found, just now, that Irene, from Happy Turtle and The Green Greek wrote a testimonial for me at Flickr.

October begins.

DaisypathNext Anniversary Ticker

Life in our kitchen: a corner, something you like.

For Today's Flowers.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A year in review

Cindy, at My Romantic Home , is hosting 2008 A Year in Review.
If you want to participate go there.
As for me, here is my year.


We were in England still, so I came back with lots of pictures.
Here, we can't see the little one because she is in front, on the push chair.

I miss it so much.

My blog Mrs L. had some problems and I had to begin another one: Alfazema.

We had such a wonderful Easter Day.

Easter lunch

Easter time.


My 8yo First Communion.

The rose she gave to Our Lady.

Mother's day present

My 8yo made it at school to give me as a present.


Two dozen red roses

Two dozen red roses. My husbad gave me. Just because he wanted.


Dreaming about this

Dreaming about last year's holidays and waiting fo this year's. It was summer, it was hot and I was fed up of beibg working outside my home. I wanted to leave, to forget for some days. I wanted to go on holiday.

On holiday at last.


Vigo by night

Bom Jesus de Braga


Reflection on a lake



Our wedding aniversary. See the beautiful silver frame my husband gave me - and it was not our silver aniversary, we are married "only" for 20 years. It's quite big, even if in the picture it doesn't show.

A month full of birthdays: my nephew, my (now)14yo girl, me and my uncle.
My other girls birthdays are on January, April and June.


Thankgiving time. Very important to me because some 21 year ago my husband made a lunch for me, because he wanted me and I didn't knew him enough. So he made a lunch, invited a lot of people just so he could invit me also.

November is also the month when the first chestnut come to the shops. I like it so much.

Christmas time.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Turkey

This year, our turkey is Turducken! I say is and not was because it's so big that we will eat it for days and days.
Tomorow my mother and father will come to have lunch with us and, even so, we will still have some.
But, do you know what is Turducken? It's a turkey with a duck inside with some sausages inside.
Ah, it's good. And funny.

All the process was a good time.

First my husband went to order one. He was happy with it.
The day after, the 24, we went to pick it up.

See here how heavy it is, on top of my old and so loved scale - my grand mother gave me before I married - 7 kg and half!

Then it was the pleasure of looking in the internet and all kind of cooking books the best time to cook it - around 5 hours, they said.

Well, what they didn't know was that our big oven, I wonder why, took much more then that to cook it what made Christmas lunch a bit late. Never mind. It was delicious.

See it here cut in half in the moment to carve it.
One half,

and the other half.

With roasted potatoes,

all kind of little cabbages, including cawliflower, red cabbage and savoy,

peas, sweet potatoes, etc., and gravy.

Very good indeed.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Feast

Just a quick post to show you some scenes of our Christmas lunch - made by my hubby.

About the turkey, I will tell you tomorow.