Monday, December 15, 2008

A Day in My Life

Yesterday I was suposed to post about my day.

Every month, on the 14, at Little Jenny Wren, there is A Day in My Life.
Yesterday it was 14 and I wanted so much to join and I couldn't because my little girl was not well: fever, cough and vomiting. So, I was not able to participate.

Today I will post about my day yesterday.
First, in the morning, we went to Mass as we do every Sunday.
It was pouring rain but with some sun smiling sometimes.
Lucky we were, because the moment we went outdoor, there was the sun. The same when we arrived at Mass. The same when we went out.
Then we went to the market to buy some fresh bread. When we were going to the car to go home, it fell down the whole sky in the form of rain. We were so wet, the only thing we wanted was to go home as quickly as we could.
I was afraid that the baby (4,5 years old baby!) could feel worse because, when we went to Mass she was already a tiny bit feverish. So it happened. The poor girl really felt bad and wanted to stay on my lap all the afternoon.

I couldn't say it was a bad thing for me because I had a good excuse to stay seated all day. I was not feeling very well too.
We saw movies and had a good rest.
Today she's better, praise the good Lord.

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Lara Gisela said...

Espero que a tua menina já esteja completamente recuperada.