Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Turkey

This year, our turkey is Turducken! I say is and not was because it's so big that we will eat it for days and days.
Tomorow my mother and father will come to have lunch with us and, even so, we will still have some.
But, do you know what is Turducken? It's a turkey with a duck inside with some sausages inside.
Ah, it's good. And funny.

All the process was a good time.

First my husband went to order one. He was happy with it.
The day after, the 24, we went to pick it up.

See here how heavy it is, on top of my old and so loved scale - my grand mother gave me before I married - 7 kg and half!

Then it was the pleasure of looking in the internet and all kind of cooking books the best time to cook it - around 5 hours, they said.

Well, what they didn't know was that our big oven, I wonder why, took much more then that to cook it what made Christmas lunch a bit late. Never mind. It was delicious.

See it here cut in half in the moment to carve it.
One half,

and the other half.

With roasted potatoes,

all kind of little cabbages, including cawliflower, red cabbage and savoy,

peas, sweet potatoes, etc., and gravy.

Very good indeed.


Alexandra said...

Oh, my gosh, I am loving the images of your feast! Enought to get on a plane and land at your door. ;) Yum! That turkey is amazing. I'm going to look this up - I've never heard of this.

Jenny said...

Brilliant, that really is a feast. I'm sure you had a very happy Christmas.