Monday, December 17, 2018

Shopping and wrapping

Since October I have been Christmas shopping and a lot of shopping I did !
As I work full time, I have mostly Saturdays and Sundays for doing it so yesterday, after Mass, I head for the mall and stay there for a couple hours or more and I have lunch, or a kind of it, on the way, between shops, because I had no time to lose.

I'm quite pleased as I managed to buy things for all even if I intend to go back to buy some more. A lot  of money was spent but I did it wisely and I am very happy with myself. I don't buy on expensive shops and I always can find nice things for a good money.
I was so lucky that I managed to buy already most things.
We are a big family for European standards. Add to my children my parents, sisters and brothers, real and in law, and nephew and you'll have a lot of people to buy presents for and around the table on the days of Christmas.

So I have been wrapping ! I'm saying this all victorious because I'm doing a good job: instead of postponing day after day on wrapping I have began already and very well I am in that.
Even if I intend to buy more, I must say that I bought already quite a lot of presents. I will not leave them to last hour marathons, I began already and a lot of them are wrapped.
Oh, happiness.

I intend to keep posting about the antics of Christmas time being it shopping, wrapping, planning and cooking.

Isn't this a wonderful time of the year ?! I give thanks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

Yes, today is Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day.
If you heard of it but don't know what that means, go here and read.

Last 8 of December was the Immaculate Conception Feast Day and the anniversary of my Baptism.
Notice how both images have the crescent moon at Her feet.

Related image

Related image

Detail of Her face.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas food

Every part of the earth has it's own food for Christmas and even in each country there are differences depending on each home.
Well, in my family, as in all families in this corner of the world, on the Christmas Eve dinner, we eat cod with boiled potatoes and "grelos".

Some people prefer cabbage. We always must have cabbage soup that we call Caldo Verde. This it's a must have.

In some parts of the North of the country people also eat  octopus rice. Oh, that is good too. Sometimes I make it for lunch. Maybe this year I will have it for diner. Uhm, good idea.

For Christmas lunch many people have turkey but it's not mandatory, not like the cod for Christmas Eve dinner, together with the Caldo Verde.

And desserts...

I haven't any pictures of past Christmas Eve dinners, I wonder why.
This year I will be more careful about dinner pictures.


All the pictures, except the first one, were found searching the internet, they are not mine and I found them after looking for some free photos.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

You are not behind

Talking of homemaking I had been in a roller coaster for years: sometimes things went well, sometimes they didn't.
Even being a working outside woman with four children everything went well - or pretty close - till I had a change in my working times and everything went down the drain.
Add to the mixture several depressions along the years. Do I need to say that I still struggle ? But I have good news, I'm getting better and better.

Now I try to remember several times a day that Flylady says that there is no such thing as falling off the wagon. Jump in where you are, she says, you are not behind ! And do you know something ? She is right.
My house is getting better and better and I am too.
If this house - that is your real house and your body, in and out - is in need of a good tidying, don't feel down, just jump in. You are not behind !

I saw a post I did years ago when I was looking back to some goals and difficulties I had and I must say some are done and others I still struggle with.

Let's see them:

- To get up at 6.15
Oh, well, I don't need it anymore now that the girls have grown, no babies anymore and they help with their clothes and all so I don't need to get up that early.
Don't I ? That's why the clothes are piling to be folded and put away, not to mention other chores in the house.
So I will now have again that goal of getting up early and have some work done before going to work.
Maybe not waking up at 6.15 for now, later but not late and trying to get up a little earlier bit by bit till reaching the most convenient hour - and maybe that hour is not 6.15.
Even so, the "she rises when is still night" is still very important to me.

- To fold 40 pieces of clothing everyday
Just let us aim to 20 and we will see how things go.

- To put away those folded clothes everyday instead of leaving it in the basket.
Very good goal, I must say. I do like to do the laundry, to wash it, to put it on the line, to pick it up and, sometimes, to fold it. To put away is my struggle. I must work on it. Again.

-Declutter the Laundryroom everyday a little bit.
Major problem, the laundryroom, for years. Some time ago, and I mean just months ago, I managed with the help of my eldest, to have the dreaded laundryroom done. But you know what? Things are not anymore as good as they were. I really must do some work there. Again.

- Pray the Rosary everyday
That is very important ! I always prayed the Rosary but I must say that some days went on without it. Not good as Our Lady in Fátima said to pray it everyday.
Do you know what? I now pray the Rosary everyday without failing a single day ! This is going for months and months now ! And I can see the results. Do you doubt it ? Ok, just try it and you will see.
Most people just have things for granted and there is no much prayer in their life. I always had and I'm having more and more prayer in my life, thanks God.

I can see that I still struggle with some of those problems but I'm very pleased to see that on some others I am better.
And what about the others that I didn't mention here ? I jumped in and I'm getting better and better.
Yes, I'm not behind !

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Thursday, November 22, 2018


Image result for bountiful norman rockwell

Once upon a time my husband, who was not yet my husband, and who had been in the US years before to take his Master degree and had been living after it in Europe, organized a Thanksgiving lunch for me.
We were just aquainted not even really friends, but as he has a serious interest in me, he thought that lunch would be a good way to make us closer.
It did. The lunch had several people and I thought I was only one more, I hardly knew then that it was made for me.
I must say that it was a good idea and things went very well after that, in such a way that one year later, on Thanksgiving Day, we were already married.
That's why I like Thanksgiving, even if I'm not american.


I keep posting the above painting of Norman Rockwell on each Thanksgiving because I do like it. More than the perfect American Dream is the Family Christian Dream as it's so beautiful to see the family around the table,  everybody happy, everything nice and tidy. Quite perfect.


Related image

This one is so beautiful too, isn't it ?

Happy ThanksGiving to all !


And now talking about the real First Thanksgiving, you may read about it here.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In Christmas mode

Image result for norman rockwell christmas paintings

I have been thinking on posting since yesterday so I am here now to announce:

I am in Christmas Mode

I sing Rudolph all day long, I plan the presents, the menu for the Christmas days (24 and 25), some spruce up work my house needs...
How can a person not to be happy with the holidays ahead ?
We must prepare everything with time so we will not be stressed.

I intended to wrap some presents I bought already - to say the truth I began in the end of September - but as I work outside I could not find some extra time for that yet.

Related image

Christmas time ! Such a beautiful time.
Let's give thanks to Our Lord for everything.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A fridge story

So now I will tell you about my fridge, or I should say fridges.

Years ago we moved. Our fridge was old and small and we needed a new one.
There I went to chose one and I came home very happy with a nice fridge that was much bigger, pretty and new. And it worked very well.

Years later, not many, we moved again and the new house had a fridge already, the kind that we look at it and it sembles a armário but we open it and it's a fridge and a freezer.
I didn't want at all to loose my old new fridge and my husband said that we should keep it because in a big family two fridges and two freezers would not be too much. And he was right.

Now, many years later, the one that was already in the house decided to not be cold inside at all. A man to fix it was called and he proclaimed that the money to make an old fridge and freezer work would be better spent in a new one. We agreed.

Now enters the one that we brough with us. He still works well but we made a big decision and some not yet done decisions are to be made.
I will explain.
We went to the shop to see new fridges as the one that stopped working and realized that for the price of one like that we would have another very good, big and not so expensive that would not be inside a armário. We decided then to buy a normal one -we stil didn't do it - and transform the armário where is the old one that must go to the rabbish. It wil be a proper armário. Yay ! I'm really happy with my decision.
We will keep the old one and buy a new one just not one inside a armário. Ah, that empty space transformed in a armário. I'm already thinking on the big help it will be because it will be a place, as Winnie the Pooh said, to put things in.

Then I began thinking: what about, instead of having two fridges, if we had just one but big ?

Oh, well, I couldn't decide yet. I will tell you when I do.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Adventures in the laundry room

This is my old washer and I will tell you her story.

When we married and later when we had our older children in their younger years, we had a washer, as everybody does, no big deal in that. The problem is that with time she became making frequent visits to the man who repaired washers.

Then, tired of those visits, we decided that was time to buy a new one. My husband decided that we had to have one that was a dryer at the same time as it would save space. So we bought two in one.

It has quite a lot of years now and we had to call the repair man some four times and another: the first ones were because with the years going by either was the dryer that didn't dry ( it happened only once), or that the tube where the water went to the washer was dry and the other was that it was the tube where the water went out, which it happened the same thing to the other one. Another time was that the rubber in the oppening was too dry already and leaked a little water.
Then, and this time was much worse, the mecanism that was the heart of the machine decisions and programs was tired and stopped to work - which I understood as it was already getting old.
The repair man was called and he deliberated that it was such a good machine, a good brand (Zanussi) and we should repair it instead of thinking on buying a new one. Well, ok, we accepted.

Now, some two or three years past, it stopped working. It began with a big bang and the basket was a bit loose but it still worked. Now it stopped.
The repair man was called again and he said that, to be honest, he had to tell me that it's better to buy a new one because that repair would be too expensive to an old washer.

Now that I must buy a new one I decided that I don't want a special brand at all, I only want one that works and is not fussy and no way of buying a dryer at all as we have plenty of sun and we hardly use the drier. That's final !

I will keep you posted on next episodes.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The eagle

Now I will tell you a true story about an eagle.

A man once found an eagle lying on the floor. She was hurt and couldn't fly, one of her wings was broken - or maybe just very hurt, I don't remember.
That man picked up the eagle and took her to his home.
He took care of her for a long time. 
She, being an eagle and being used to fly, kept trying to raise her wings and fly...but for no avail because she was hurt, she couldn't fly at all.
So she remained on the floor.
As she was getting better due to the care the man, she began getting better and better and at last she could, she was able to fly because she was a eagle and they are meant to fly. The reason she was on the ground for some time was that she was hurt and frail. 
But she didn't give up, she waited till she was healed. She kept trying and trying till she could fly again.
She had stopped flying not because she was meant to be on the floor but because she was not well, but then, because she was an eagle, she was able to fly !

Along the years I have been feeling that I was, I am that eagle. For a long time I felt down but so many times I wanted to fly, I had the urge to be who I really am and tried to fly... but this broken wing didn't let me...and I didn't fly.
The amount of times I tried and the times I left the ground and believed I could ... but I fell down again. Sometimes I even was able to get up off the floor and fly a little and such nice flights they were but they were short because of the pain that didn't let me fly as I wanted. And I fell down again.
But I am a survivor and I'm much better and who knows, maybe my wing is healed now.

And no, it's not too late. I've been climbing this mountain for long so I will reach the summit. It's not that I took too long, it's that the mountain is really high. There were not lost years, were years I spent climbing. I went up and sometimes I fell back a little but I didn't give up so I will not believe that I can't get there, because I can !

Now I will make this eagle fly.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

To be what you might have been

It's never too late to be what you are meant to be.

This is been in my mind since December. I looked back and regreted that I could have been better or that I could have done this and that and suddenly I understood that I can be what I meant to be and decided that I will do many things that I didn't in the way I should have done. It's not late, it's the time to do it, the time is now.

Then I searched for people who began doing some thing not when they were in their tweenties but much later. I found these graphics about famous people who just did that.

It's never too late to be what you might have been.

To be what you might have been  !!!




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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A fresh start

I decided that my moto for this year will be A Fresh Start.
Now I must say that for me the year begins in October and from there till January it's like a preface, a warm up and then in January it goes in full steam.

In 2017 I have been having in my mind the sentence: Make It Happen.

I will carry on with it this year but not with the idea that I am just continuing what I have done last year, I prefer to think about it as a fresh start with the innocence of the beginning and with its infinite hope.

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