Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day !

Many years ago before we were married, my husband organized a Thanksgiving lunch (in Europe) to invite me and so that way we could get closer.
I must say I didn't know anything about his intentions. So he invited several people including me. I went.
Well, things went very well, in such a way that one year later, on Thanksgiving Day, we were already married.
That's why I like Thanksgiving, even if I'm not american.

Happy Thanksgiving for all my American friends.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas songs in my mind

I wonder why but this time of the year is for me always so inspiring. As the days get colder and the trees go golden I just just want to live. Not as most of the world understands it, not to go out and socialize, have fun in the noise and so on, no, I just want to live in my world - and that is so good. And this year even more.

Did you realize that is almost Christmas?
I know, Americans have still Thanksgiving to think about but for me all I can think is of Christmas.

I'm already making plans. I will begin a Christmas Planner and as I wil progress in my preparations for Christmas I will tell you about it.

I wonder if there is someone out there singing already Rudolph, the Red Nosed Raindeer and making plans.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saturday happiness approaching

Saturday is approaching and, with it, the perspective of a happy time. You know, I am an outside home working woman, yes, full time ! So, to be happier, on saturdays I just think that I am full time house wife. Oh, happiness. So, today I am already dreaming on everything I will do on Saturday.

So I will dust

clean some windows

do the laundry: wash, put on the line, pick up, fold and put away

iron it

clean the refrigerator ( yes, again)

and do a lot of work in the kitchen including make a cake.

Well, to say the truth, I will do a million nice things around my house. This is just a tiny bit to give you an idea. 

Oh, happiness.