Monday, October 16, 2017

I'm still here

I know, I have not been blogging lately but that is just because I'm busy on Facebook - nothing related with this blog, just other kind of things.
And if that was not enough, some time ago I opened another Flickr account - the other, the old one is just sleeping. So, more time consuming activity plus all the work of a mother and homemaking and work outside, etc.

Anyway, just to tell everybody that I intent to come back and post more often.

And now I must go.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A strange sky

A Strange Sky

Indeed it is a strange sky but so beautiful at the same time. Quite amazing.
Posting this beautiful sky for Skywatch Friday.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer roses

Sunny days

Last June we went to the north as it is my favourite part of the country. It's so beautiful, everything.
There are two gardens that I like most to go and we never fail to visit them when we are on holidays.
One of them is the Garden of the Biscaínhos and the other is the Garden of Santa Barbara.


The Trio

Here you have some of the beautiful roses I found there and, as I want to share it in the Pink Saturday party, I'll post today only pink roses - I leave to another day some other pictures of those gardens.


In the shadow

So, as you can see, it's such a pleasure to go there as we can always find so much beauty. Oh, I really must show you more in the next days.
Stay tunned.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Riding the clouds

The ride

A view from my kitchen window, one of the best I have in my home, be it Summer or any other season.
Just look at that sky.
Even when I'm under the weather, if I come here and look at all this splendour, I get better at once.

Joining Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer and Skywatch Friday

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ah, Saturday...

If you read my blog you know that I keep talking about Saturdays. A good deal of posts are about that blessed day of the week.

Days in the week I like most:

Why ? - are you wondering. Is that I like so much to work outside that I'm happy to go back to the stress of getting ready in the morning, do lunch boxes, yell at the children to be ready and fly off the door so we will not be late ? No. It's because it's a new beginning and I feel the hope of being better this time.

Ah, it's the middle of the week, such a good time, when I go home in the end of the day I know that the following day will be so close to the weekend.

Ah, Friday!... The day after is Saturday, I will not go to work, I will be home with my family, I will delight myself with the pleasure that is to stay at home. I will... Yes, all the world will be in my reach when it's Saturday because I will not go to work.
And I wonder and dream and plan...As if would be no end for Saturday.

At last ! At last ! Ah, blessed day !
In the early morning I will get up and spend a good time flying the internet, I will be on Flickr a good deal of time, I will spy what is going on in Facebook and if I can I will even go to Pinterest.
Then I will get ready for the day. Oh, the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Not to be outside, mind you, I am outside my home all week long, Saturday is the day to celebrate domesticity, to be happy at home and pretend I am a stay at home woman. And I am, at least for this day and next one.

It's the truly blessed day. Day to go to Mass and not to work much in the house because it's rest day, Our Lord's day. I can just stay in the sofa and read, watch movies - notice the plural, movies. Or series.
Life is good.
The problem is that the day after I must go back to work and that part is not so good - even if that work is good but not so much good as staying at home.
Never mind, Monday is good to make plans and try to be better - a week at a time.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let's go

Just some reminders to keep us going.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On lavenders

My lavender, which I had at the door, dried out.

It was quite nice and it has grown much more than the double. I bought it quite small but she was happy with my care and was very nice. It even bloomed so well. When I would come in or out my skirt would touch it and a wonderful scent of lavender crossed the air.

Not anymore, last Summer the heat wave killed it. I was careful watering it and all but even so it dried. The air was so dry and hot like an oven and even with water it didn't survive. The heat reached 38ºC  but maybe it was even hotter in that spot.

I don't know if I told you before but I am a procrastinator so I managed to put off the problem for some time and when I, at last, put myself together to buy a new one there was none of my liking.

Spanish Lavender

All I could find was the spanish type which, being nice enough, it was not the one I wanted and had more to do with me.
So which one do I prefer ? The angustifolia !


Not dententa, the french one, the angustifolia, the english one.

Image result for lavandula dentata leaves

Oh well, I think I feel so tired with the search that I will accept a dentata gladely.
We will see.
Wait for next episode.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cold times

It's getting cooler.

Here, in this corner of the world, we have just a bit of cold. Yes, it's Europe and we have Winters but quite mild - if my mother would read this now would say the opposite as she is always complaining about the cold.

Oh, well, looks like we will have a little cold here tomorrow, a true cold weather with 0ºC, so they say at the Met Office. I'm happy. I can't stand the heat so I feel at home when it's really cold.

Wrapped in a scarf and with gloves on I will venture going out because I work outside, no matter if it's cold or hot. I mean, outside my home, not in the fields.

I'm dreaming of a white...No, not Christmas because it's January but I keep hopping for some snow. Last time it snowed it was years ago and the television stopped what it was broadcasting to announce to the world that it was snowing.

It's good that in my house we are used to soups and stews, the right food for this kind of weather. And hot chocolate too, that I can't go without it and to be in my sofa with several layers of nice throws.

Ah, the pleasures of Winter ! I wonder why most people prefer the heat ! Pity that cold weather will be at the middle of the week and not on Saturday or Sunday when I can seat for a long time watching a movie or reading.

Well, never mind, let it come, it will be very welcome.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Make it Happen

The Epiphany came and went away so it was the time to take the decorations out till next first day of December. I know that in many countries it's celebrated on the following Sunday but truly it happens on the 6 of January.

It made me a little nostalgic to take those Christmas things out and put them in boxes again but, on the other side, it's so good to begin a New Year, so full of hopes. 
2017 is a year of expectations because it's the centenary of the Fatima Apparitions. We will see what Our Lady has for us.

I am full of good intentions for this year. I have plans. I read some things on Goal Setting and Plans. I always do that on every beginning of each year.

I have my Goals ready and written and I will keep reminding myself of something that I found at Laura Casey's Make it Happen: Surrender your Fear, Take the Leap, Make it Happen.
Very good.
My words for this year are Hope but also Action. My motto is "Take Action. Make it Happen."

I want to be who I truly am without the fear of being it.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the 8 of December it was my Baptism day

Who is She that Cometh Forth as the Rising Morning, Fair as the Moon, Bright as the Sun, and 
Terrible as an Army in Battle-Array.
Song of Solomon 6:10 

Many years ago, when I was only two month old, I was Baptised. It was the 8 of December, the Immaculate Conception feast day.

The Immaculate Conception / Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Advent is that: preparing ourselves for Christmas, which means the birthday of Our Lord.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Even if here we don't do Thanksgiving, I have good memories of one I once had.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm happy

The Clinton woman LOST !!!

Oh, happy day !

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blogger problems

I have been adding some links to my ever growing list of blogs that I like to read. I don't read them all everyday, it depends on the mood of the day. Sometimes I do like to read organizational blogs because of my constant need of inspiration on that matter. Others times I like to see houses that look they came out of a magazine, maybe because mine is never like those, some others I avoid that kind of blogs so I will not get depressed because my house will never be like those.

But there are blogs that I have in my list to read, not to see the pictures. To say the truth, the pictures in them, when they exist, are a bonus but if there is none, I even so visit because it's a pleasure to read them.

Oh, well, I wonder why, Blogger is being silly on adding links: it decided that a lot of those blogs I have in my list are not to appear when they are updated, they all end in the bottom of the list.
I do hope this is temporary because  I risk loosing some very good posts.
I do hope tomorow everything will be well, but we never know.

PS: Obviously the picture has nothing to do with blogs or Blogger behaving in a strange way, it's just to cheer up myself and who read this.

Endless Summer

Dreaming of rain on the windows

I don't like the Summer. Yes, that's true, I like Winter and Autumn and the beginning of Spring - not the end because it's already Summer.

So we are having a reasonble Summer this year, not too hot but with some heat waves now and then that lasted just some two days each.

And so now we had another of those waves, Truly high temperatures that make me almost unable to think and to walk. I know, big exageration here, except for the part of thinking.

It's the end of Summer now but he doesn't know it and keeps going on. I long for fresher days with cardigans and sweaters. I even like gray days but now it's a endless Summer.

I read in some blogs how people are already beginning to decorate their houses in a Autumny way - in America, where they do that - and here it's like July or beggining of August.
I can see the Ivy blossoming, which is a sign that I look every year to give me hope that Summer is ending.

I even went to Weather Underground photos  - another place I like to go - looking for pictures of rain to keep my mind  off this eat. I looked in British blogs for posts on the coming of the Autumn. I look outside the window and all I can see is Summer.

Oh, well, most people like it. Not me.

After I wrote this post complaining about Summer I realized that the temperature today is falling down a little, they forecast a maximun of 27ºC. Better than nothing. I hope Summer will feel encouraged to go away for real. There is hope.