Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goods things

Yesterday I managed to do some homemaking, thanks God, and my house is going better.
No need to say that I took frequent breaks to go to the Internet and see how things were doing in Rome.
Lot's of pictures on lots of sites, videos, etc. I was happy.
Today the party goes on. Ah, if I could be in Rome.
But that's ok, I can't say nothing after being there for three weeks in July.

Now, another thing.
I leave you with a music I like very much and I heared today.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Being more Mary than Martha

I've been so away of this blog because I've been very active in my This Burning Fire blog, all happy with my fellow catholic warriors.
Christmas is coming and I have still so many things to do and to think about. I've been so emerged on the life of the Church, with so many things happening, like the amount of Anglicans crossing the Tiber and the Consistory tomorrow, I can't take my eyes from the Internet to know more things.
Ah!It's a good time to be a Catholic, with this Pope.
Now, I promised myself that tomorrow I will try hard to put my feet on the floor and be a good homemaker.
We need to be Martha as well, not just Mary. I feel Our Lord could say to me now " Mary, Mary..."and not "Martha, Martha" because I easily forget to be Martha and my home is showing the signs of it. Our Lord wants us to be good homemakers, taking His mother as an example.
See you tomorrow for a report on my behaviour.

I found this picture at http://deusbibliaepoesia.wordpress.com/

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's time for this already !

I find myself now singing this all the time.
And I began to buy things for Christmas already.
I bought napkins, kitchen roll, Christmas tree balls, nice strings and bows...
I'm in the spirit of the season.

What about this one?

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