Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's time for this already !

I find myself now singing this all the time.
And I began to buy things for Christmas already.
I bought napkins, kitchen roll, Christmas tree balls, nice strings and bows...
I'm in the spirit of the season.

What about this one?


Jenny said...

No it isn't time, this kind of post just causes panic. I hate it when you go into shops that are playing Christmas tunes and then you can't get them out of your head for days. I am staying in denial.

Irene said...

My husband downloaded some photos of Christmas trees in his phone today. And we lit the fireplace. And on the 14th the fasting for Christmas begins. So, yes, Christmastime is nearing!

Irene said...

P.S. I play around with my template alot, and although I had it custom made twice, I prefere changing it as my mood changes. As long as we keep in touch, everything is fine!