Thursday, January 22, 2015

All clean and tidy

I wish...(sigh)

All clean and tidy is the title of this picture and the dream I have for my home.

I work all day long, all week so I keep dreaming about Saturday, the wonder day when I will, at last, clean and tidy.
In the week days, as I arrive so tired of body and mind, I just do the bare things and look for inspiration for that wonderful day when I will be a stay at home wife and mom... And that day is Saturday.

So, to keep my spirit up, in the week I look for inspiration in those beautiful blogs written by amazing homemakers who can have their houses so clean and tidy, organized and beautiful.

I add blogs and blog to my ever growing list and when I am reading them I feel happy because I feel encouraged. I feel that even if I can't be as god as them, for sure I can be better than now.

I was thinking on add here a tiny list of my favourites on homemaking and organizing, but I can't. There are so many good ones.

If someone knows about a really good blog on organizing and/ or homemaking - one that is not in my list, that is - please tell me.

A site I follow, not a blog, is Flylady, I wonder if someone here knows her.
I found her years ago and things were going pretty well but I fell of the wagon twice and the second time it was a very big fall. First time it was when we moved, years ago. I recovered quite well after that and everything was getting better and better. Then...I had a depression and only now I'm having the strenght to go back to normality. It has been a slow wagon but each year has been better than the previous one. Last October I felt I really should try harder - and I am.
Some days are just a big fall, others go better.

I think now I'm ready to go (almost) in full steam.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

On Rainy Days and Laundry

I wonder why, I like very much to do the laundry. I think it's  one of my favourites homemaking chores, or should I say, Missions.

I don't know about you, but I have a Laundry Plan, which makes all the work much easier.It's scheduled and I haven't to think about  it.

But  then, there it came a problem: the rain.
Now you are thinking why is the rain a problem.

First I must say that I like so much the rain and I can't stay longer without it but, on  the other side, being a homemaker makes me long for a whole week of sun.

And now you are thinking why this woman doesn't just put the washed clothes in the dryer? Or can it be that in her corner of the world there is no dryers? Yes, there are and, in fact, I have one and it works perfectly. Why the problem, then?

Oh, well, this woman who has a dryer likes to put her clothes in the line to dry. The little pleasure to see the cloths all in a row in the line and the pegs, the sun on them, the smell of washed clothes bathed by the sun...Pure poetry !

We are having unstoppable days of rain. Should I stay happy with it or should I go sad because I can't put my clothes on the line?

Well, better to find a compromise. I have a place to put small things to dry inside so I will wash just the little ones.

Oh, how life is easy after all, why we make a problem of it ?

Laundry, laundry, here I go.