Thursday, January 22, 2015

All clean and tidy

I wish...(sigh)

All clean and tidy is the title of this picture and the dream I have for my home.

I work all day long, all week so I keep dreaming about Saturday, the wonder day when I will, at last, clean and tidy.
In the week days, as I arrive so tired of body and mind, I just do the bare things and look for inspiration for that wonderful day when I will be a stay at home wife and mom... And that day is Saturday.

So, to keep my spirit up, in the week I look for inspiration in those beautiful blogs written by amazing homemakers who can have their houses so clean and tidy, organized and beautiful.

I add blogs and blog to my ever growing list and when I am reading them I feel happy because I feel encouraged. I feel that even if I can't be as god as them, for sure I can be better than now.

I was thinking on add here a tiny list of my favourites on homemaking and organizing, but I can't. There are so many good ones.

If someone knows about a really good blog on organizing and/ or homemaking - one that is not in my list, that is - please tell me.

A site I follow, not a blog, is Flylady, I wonder if someone here knows her.
I found her years ago and things were going pretty well but I fell of the wagon twice and the second time it was a very big fall. First time it was when we moved, years ago. I recovered quite well after that and everything was getting better and better. Then...I had a depression and only now I'm having the strenght to go back to normality. It has been a slow wagon but each year has been better than the previous one. Last October I felt I really should try harder - and I am.
Some days are just a big fall, others go better.

I think now I'm ready to go (almost) in full steam.

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