Saturday, April 11, 2015

The bliss of Saturdays

There's a thing on Saturdays that make me feel happy.

I work full time and even if it's a good, peaceful job, it doesn't compare to being at home. To be a stay at home woman is the dream of my life - well, one of them.

Most of my dreams have come true: to grow up and being a wife and mother, to have my own grown up home (being married) are some of my dreams and truly the most important ones.
But living here it means to work full time and I did.Not because what the others would say if I didn't, it's just a normal thing that grows with us and it's so normal as going to school.

But  don't want it anymore. I had enough. So I dream on having an earlier retirement. This moment it looks like to wanting the moon but I will not despair because one of these days ( years) it will  come a law that will allow me to retire before the extreme date of retirement. It must be !

Meanwhile I play the full time housewife on Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays. I even can have a free day each month providing I do those hours through the month. Ah, on those days I do play house.

Today is Saturday and I can't stop dreaming about all those chores I will do in the house.
I can already feel the smell of those clothes freshly ironed, the light of the morning sun through the kitchen window and the voice of my children waking up happy because it's not school day and they can stay at home - like their mother, they like to stay at home.

The blessing of having a house and being able of giving thanks for it.
Thanks God for everything He gives us.

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