Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's Autumn - or it is not

It's raining

I'm amazed.
Usually, in this corner of the world, the Autumn arrives so late which is a bad thing for me as I don't like the Summer, other than when we go on holiday all together. That I like and the fact that my younger girls are school free till September.
But something good happened this year: the Autumn arrived on time and even gave us some little samples when it was still Summer. Oh, I was happy. It' so good to not have to endure the hit anymore, the display of bodies dressed in less clothes than they should, the heavy air with less oxygen, the car being hot when I get in and the sun burning my skin.

Not anymore till the middle of next year! I felt so relived and full of psychological energy. I felt I wanted to live ! I caught myself making plans for me, for the house and just breathing the nice fresh air in the morning.
I was even thinking of wearing stockings already. I think I never did it before October - the middle of it.

I know for many people the Autumn and the Winter are prone to depressions but not for me, with me it's the opposite.
I had a big smile in my soul.

Life is good.

And then...
Summer came back. I can't believe we are in the end of October and having bouts of heat for days and days.
First it came a little and I thought that it was the Summer saying goodbye for good. But then it came such a heat wave that it was hell on earth with cathastrophic fires and all. It was the Hurricane Ophelia bringing all the heat with it.
And now we are having heat again... Some forecasts say it wil be 28 today but I saw another saying it will be 31 !!! I just can't believe it !

Oh, well, let's hope that it will end soon and we will have a good, true Autumn. I really want cold days.

Just a note: maybe you are wondering why I posted about the heat and put a picture of a nice day of rain. Well, it's to counteract the depression the heat gives to me. Some days ago it rained and very nice it was, so each time I think on the heat, I look  at this and feel better.

Friday, October 27, 2017

October is coming to an end

Fátima, Altar of the world

The Santuary of Fátima on a sunny day. I leave this to you in the end of the month of October, when the Centenary of Fátima is coming to an end.

A sky that could not be more blue.
For  Skywatch Friday.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I'm still here

I know, I have not been blogging lately but that is just because I'm busy on Facebook - nothing related with this blog, just other kind of things.
And if that was not enough, some time ago I opened another Flickr account - the other, the old one is just sleeping. So, more time consuming activity plus all the work of a mother and homemaking and work outside, etc.

Anyway, just to tell everybody that I intent to come back and post more often.

And now I must go.