Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm back

I'm back from computorless land. My internet is working! Well, let's hope it will be for some time, not just for this moment.
Anyway, I will present you with all those pictures and happenings I was keeping to show you.

First it was our wedding aniversary. See the beautiful silver frame my husband gave me - and it was not our silver aniversary, we are married "only" for 20 years. It's quite big, even if in the picture it doesn't show.

Then my nephew's birthday. The girls went to his party, a childrens one, even if my oldest girl is 17!

After that it was one my girl's birthday - 14 she is now. Here it is her cake.

B birthday cake

Then it was my birthday. See the cake/pudding my mother gave me as a present - among others. It's a kind of merengue buy a soft one with a melted sugar syrup. Oh, I like it so much. It was mostly me who ate it all and it was huge!



This evening my husband made us, for dinner, this which we call cod with cream.

Cod with cream

And this was one of my girl's presents to me - chocolats inside!

The weather as been quite nice and cold - for my taste - as you can see here. Yesterday and today morning it rained so much. Now is sunny, which is not bad because I can wash a lot of clothes and put them in the line to dry.

Maybe all this is not very interesting for you , but I was so ansious to tell you about it all that I'm happy to finaly post it here.

See you tomorow - I hope.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Computerless days and staying at home

My computor is back home. Also one of my girl’s computor. The problem is our internet is still off. She doesn’t mind because the main interest for her – computor speaking – is to play Sims after a long day at school – and after her homework is done.
We also have my oldest girl computor but the internet is general, for all our house so, nothing.
I’m writing elsewhere but I can’t post my new pictures, even if I can now download them to my computor.
But the truth is I can’t wait no longer without posting something. The solution is to go to my Flickr account – way too in need of updating – and post some old ones. Sorry for the recicling.

The weather here is very much to my liking: a bit cold, raining cats and dogs and foggy when is not raining. Maybe you don’t like it but I do. I feel happy and relaxed.
I even liked Monday when the wind was so strong that one roof at my 9 yo girl’s school went out. The television went there to put it in the news and all. The good thing was my girl mot being there when it hapenned. It was just before she went to school. But she thought it was a big fun to have the reporters there.
Something similar happened in the school where my brother is a teacher but there the pupils are older, all them teenagers.

This is a nice time. Everyday, after I go home more death then alive after working all day long, car pooling and shopping and after taking care of dinner and eating it, I seat in my sofa and make my crochet with that lovely burgundy wool. It’s growing slowly because I’m always outside my home, which brings me a lot of frustration.

Let’s hope for better days.
Tomorow, for instance, I will take the day off work because I worked enough hours to take a day off. Oh, hapiness.

I will, after taking some of my girls to school, be back home to do a lot of homemaking.
And even maybe baking.

I think I’ll have my apron on all day long.

Ah! The joy of staying at home.
I can’t wait for tomorow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Away for a while

Laundry time

I know I've been away from computer land for so long. We have 4 computor at home: my husband's, my oldest girl's one, my other girl's one and mine - and my 2 little girls computor also.
I never use other people's computors, only mine. And mine is being fixed - also other one of ours.
At my work, we have been chamging places so mine there is not yet connected to the Internet. Conclusion: a long fast on computor life.
Today I couldn't resist anymore and went to my older girl's one. Just for a moment. Just to say hi and see your lovely blogs.
I hope to come back soon.
Till there.

Laundry time

And now, heading to my domestic life: laundry ( washing, puting on the line and ironing others clothes already dry), cleaning, tidying, being happy at home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


DaisypathNext Anniversary Ticker

October begins. It's such a beautiful month.
I was born in October and I married in October. One of my girls was born in October too. Also my uncle and my nephew.
And it's the month of Fatima (also May).
So many memories of wonderful things that happened in this month. All the preparations to my wedding, my grandmother sewing and sewing. She made my weding dress together with my long veil. My mother doing the preparations also, my father that didn't go to work the day before to take us everywhere we needed. My fiancé also doing things. His family that came here for the wedding.
Memories that almost hurt my soul because they are so many and so beautiful.I always became a bit emotional because I remember that wonderful time when my grandmother was still here.
Silence, my soul. Just give thanks.