Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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October begins. It's such a beautiful month.
I was born in October and I married in October. One of my girls was born in October too. Also my uncle and my nephew.
And it's the month of Fatima (also May).
So many memories of wonderful things that happened in this month. All the preparations to my wedding, my grandmother sewing and sewing. She made my weding dress together with my long veil. My mother doing the preparations also, my father that didn't go to work the day before to take us everywhere we needed. My fiancé also doing things. His family that came here for the wedding.
Memories that almost hurt my soul because they are so many and so beautiful.I always became a bit emotional because I remember that wonderful time when my grandmother was still here.
Silence, my soul. Just give thanks.


Lola said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

October is one of my favorite months too, my dh's birthday is in October and now the weather starts to be bearable.

I miss my granma too, and something she told me as I was growing up was "When you think of or dream of someone who has past, say a prayer for them, it is like sending flowers to them."

Alexandra said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Beti Copetti said...

Também é o meu mês!

Beti Copetti said...

Voltei pra te desejar um feliz e lindo aniversário! Saúde, felicidade e muita alegria com a família!