Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blogger problems

I have been adding some links to my ever growing list of blogs that I like to read. I don't read them all everyday, it depends on the mood of the day. Sometimes I do like to read organizational blogs because of my constant need of inspiration on that matter. Others times I like to see houses that look they came out of a magazine, maybe because mine is never like those, some others I avoid that kind of blogs so I will not get depressed because my house will never be like those.

But there are blogs that I have in my list to read, not to see the pictures. To say the truth, the pictures in them, when they exist, are a bonus but if there is none, I even so visit because it's a pleasure to read them.

Oh, well, I wonder why, Blogger is being silly on adding links: it decided that a lot of those blogs I have in my list are not to appear when they are updated, they all end in the bottom of the list.
I do hope this is temporary because  I risk loosing some very good posts.
I do hope tomorow everything will be well, but we never know.

PS: Obviously the picture has nothing to do with blogs or Blogger behaving in a strange way, it's just to cheer up myself and who read this.

Endless Summer

Dreaming of rain on the windows

I don't like the Summer. Yes, that's true, I like Winter and Autumn and the beginning of Spring - not the end because it's already Summer.

So we are having a reasonble Summer this year, not too hot but with some heat waves now and then that lasted just some two days each.

And so now we had another of those waves, Truly high temperatures that make me almost unable to think and to walk. I know, big exageration here, except for the part of thinking.

It's the end of Summer now but he doesn't know it and keeps going on. I long for fresher days with cardigans and sweaters. I even like gray days but now it's a endless Summer.

I read in some blogs how people are already beginning to decorate their houses in a Autumny way - in America, where they do that - and here it's like July or beggining of August.
I can see the Ivy blossoming, which is a sign that I look every year to give me hope that Summer is ending.

I even went to Weather Underground photos  - another place I like to go - looking for pictures of rain to keep my mind  off this eat. I looked in British blogs for posts on the coming of the Autumn. I look outside the window and all I can see is Summer.

Oh, well, most people like it. Not me.

After I wrote this post complaining about Summer I realized that the temperature today is falling down a little, they forecast a maximun of 27ºC. Better than nothing. I hope Summer will feel encouraged to go away for real. There is hope.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When I'm not here

I haven't been here much lately as everybody knows, assuming that there are people who come here and know when I blog and when I don't.

There are so many reasons for being away often.
One is that maybe I am a Jack of all trades, I do a lot of things, which doesn't mean I do something properly.

Another is that I work outside all day. I say I work outside because I don't like to say " I work" just because I work outside my house too, not only at home. It would look as if  women who work at home only don't work, they do and they work a lot - to say the truth the dream of my life is to retire early to work at home. Not from home, mind you, at home, minding my own life.

So I work out and even so I do like to go around on the internet world and I must find time for that. It means that I am present at Facebook, at Pinterest, at Flickr and at the blogosphere. And I research a lot all over the internet on matters that interest me so I may stay informed and have an opinion on all those matters. I visit some very good sites everyday.

And yes, I have work at home too.
It's a lot, isn't it ? That's why  I go from one place to another leaving things undone in all the other places where I can't go for lack of capacity of billocation - and also for lack of organizational skills, I must say.

I don't intend at all to just go away from blogosphere, I do like to read several blogs of different kind, including organizing blogs that portray those amazing houses so neat and tidy with everything in its place. I gave up having a house like those, I just want a clean and tidy house, that's all and I can say things are going from good to better and I'm very happy with it.

Other blogs I like are those who show normal life either in America or in the UK. I like to feel as if I was there. I like to see how is the weather there, the fields and houses.

That is a way of not just get inspiration but also to open another window in me. I see and save things I like and have to do with me in many ways. It's an escape, a way to get inspired and to feel good.

I used to be on Flickr for some time and then I stopped, the same way I stopped blogging - and in that time I was not on Pinterest. Now I'm back in full swing. Unlike Facebook, I don't need to think when I am there, I just relax. It's good.

My opinionated side is happy there. I inform and get informed. I give my opinion. There I know people who think like me. It's where I work harder and I feel very good about it.

I always think that I need to come here more often. I will try harder.