Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blogger problems

I have been adding some links to my ever growing list of blogs that I like to read. I don't read them all everyday, it depends on the mood of the day. Sometimes I do like to read organizational blogs because of my constant need of inspiration on that matter. Others times I like to see houses that look they came out of a magazine, maybe because mine is never like those, some others I avoid that kind of blogs so I will not get depressed because my house will never be like those.

But there are blogs that I have in my list to read, not to see the pictures. To say the truth, the pictures in them, when they exist, are a bonus but if there is none, I even so visit because it's a pleasure to read them.

Oh, well, I wonder why, Blogger is being silly on adding links: it decided that a lot of those blogs I have in my list are not to appear when they are updated, they all end in the bottom of the list.
I do hope this is temporary because  I risk loosing some very good posts.
I do hope tomorow everything will be well, but we never know.

PS: Obviously the picture has nothing to do with blogs or Blogger behaving in a strange way, it's just to cheer up myself and who read this.


P. said...

Not many people reading this blog, or maybe nobody has this problem or they just don't know how to solve it.
It's so good to see when a blog updated but only some do that now, some others, including all the last ones I added to my list don't say when they were updated. No good at all !
Also when I open a link it also appears some oddity called Thebestlink.com.
I wish I could stop those two problems.

P. said...

Things are better now, even if some very good blogs that I read everyday are still in the end of the list, but the number of them decreased.

Anonymous said...

I hope Blogger soon bends to your will.