Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Staying at home

Today I'm at home and happy.
Last monday my eight year old girl was not well. Was sick in the early hours and in the morning she had a fever.
I decided not to take her to school and left at my mother's. I went to work and I was not feeling well because I slept very badly but I was not worried with her because, being she with my mother, she was ok. I thought she had a cold and was only that.
The problem was that, after all, was not only a cold and my mother warned me that the girl, after taking all those things to get down the fever, it was even higher and higher.
So, to the doctor's we went, stayed all the night there because there was a lot of people and came home in the begining of yesterday, after going to the chemist to buy the antibiotic.
She had a throath and an ear infection. And the same happened to some children in her school, we even found a friend of her there, in the doctor's.

So, we came home and it was another night of bad sleeping. Yesterday I was a bit of a zombie.

But today we are ok. She has not fever anymore and is geting better.

So, as the doctor said she could only go to school tomorow, she gave two days off work to stay with my girl, so she wouldn't need to go outside the home.

Yuppy! A whole day in my home and being happy and rested because my girl is better !!!

So, happy as I am, I had a long and relaxed shower with some lavender shower gel I bought in England with a bar of soap of the same brand and scent.

And now I leave you with some corners of my home, this same home I like so much and where I will stay all day long!

Hmm...I can see some papers to put away... Up this chair and tidy up now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How many days to Easter ?

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Not many, really. When I enter Lent it always looks to me that Easter is so far away. But now. Shops keep remind us that we are almost there.

I like very much the pretty side of Easter, like bunnies, chicks and ...chocolates !

But we can never forget that Easter is to be free because Redemption happened and there is no return. We are free for ever.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Am I ?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

Monday, February 18, 2008

The nice hair of my little girls

My little girls are very proud of thei hair - well, the big ones too, really.
But today I will tell you about the younger ones.

See the "baby" with her new skirt, the one my sister gave her at her birthday?

Nice hair

She is all happy, ready to go to Mass.
This picture was taken by my oldest girl.

And here is the next girl, the one who is 8 years old.

Nice hair

She likes blue very much and doesn't want to hear about cuting her hair. She likes trousers but she is quite feminine, she always wants her hair decorated with nice things, mainly blue ones.
This picture was also take by my oldest girl.

Am I not right for being proud of my little girls?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A bag full of good things

Now I'll begin to post regularly in this new blog.

I know I did the first post yesterday but it was a kind of introdution, now is the real first one and it will be about something good my husband bought for us.

Yesterday, saturday, my husband was not here because he's out working. But in the previous saturday he was here.

So, he went to the Charcuterie Française and brought a big bag full of something. Even before we could see what was inside, we knew that was a good thing.

Look in here. We looked and ansiousely waited for the unfolding of the mistery.


Croissants! real frensh croissants. We eated it with butter and jam from the Madeira Island: mango jam. Oh, it was good!

Pitty this weekend he was not here.

Never mind. Today is sunday so, a new week is begining.

And next weekend he will be here and maybe he will buy us more croissants. Not that we couldn't buy them by ourselves.

It's just it tastes better if it's him buying it.

P.S.: As it was not enough he also bought a crab.

Whatever next!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alfazema it is


I decided to make a new blog.
It was proclaimed by blogger that I was violating theit terms of service. I didn't know what hapened and what I did or what I should do next.
Blogger is very dificult to reach so all I could do was going to blogger help groups and tell about my problem.
Somebody from them told me that:
"Third party widgets and advertisements sometimes can have small tracking applets within them that can compromise your privacy and security. My guess is that one of the small third party counters or pop-up advertisements you have triggered the classification."
But what was true was that, being not guilty, even so I was being ofended by that.
So, I decided to make a new blog and another one I wil make only with the archives of the previous one.
I will have this blog, Alfazema, and other called, maybe, Memory Lane: the archives of Mrs L.
I will repost in that blog, day by day, in the same order I posted first time. And when all that is made, I will delete the old Mrs L. without loosing all the information.

Why this name Alfazema

I wanted a name that could talk about me, that could mean all about me. So I choose Alfazema that is Lavender. I always liked so much lavender since my early years and I have it in various forms: bags, soaps, bath gels, everything.
And in other way, it means me because the all idea of lavender reminds the traditional way I was raised, the feminine ways I have lived in always and the domestiticy, the confort of being a feminine woman and liking the home so much.
So Lavender it is, Alfazema.