Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Staying at home

Today I'm at home and happy.
Last monday my eight year old girl was not well. Was sick in the early hours and in the morning she had a fever.
I decided not to take her to school and left at my mother's. I went to work and I was not feeling well because I slept very badly but I was not worried with her because, being she with my mother, she was ok. I thought she had a cold and was only that.
The problem was that, after all, was not only a cold and my mother warned me that the girl, after taking all those things to get down the fever, it was even higher and higher.
So, to the doctor's we went, stayed all the night there because there was a lot of people and came home in the begining of yesterday, after going to the chemist to buy the antibiotic.
She had a throath and an ear infection. And the same happened to some children in her school, we even found a friend of her there, in the doctor's.

So, we came home and it was another night of bad sleeping. Yesterday I was a bit of a zombie.

But today we are ok. She has not fever anymore and is geting better.

So, as the doctor said she could only go to school tomorow, she gave two days off work to stay with my girl, so she wouldn't need to go outside the home.

Yuppy! A whole day in my home and being happy and rested because my girl is better !!!

So, happy as I am, I had a long and relaxed shower with some lavender shower gel I bought in England with a bar of soap of the same brand and scent.

And now I leave you with some corners of my home, this same home I like so much and where I will stay all day long!

Hmm...I can see some papers to put away... Up this chair and tidy up now.

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Alexandra said...

Glad she is feeling better. I love that English lavendar. My sister lives in England and always brings some soap and lotion back for me. I'm still using it.