Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alfazema it is


I decided to make a new blog.
It was proclaimed by blogger that I was violating theit terms of service. I didn't know what hapened and what I did or what I should do next.
Blogger is very dificult to reach so all I could do was going to blogger help groups and tell about my problem.
Somebody from them told me that:
"Third party widgets and advertisements sometimes can have small tracking applets within them that can compromise your privacy and security. My guess is that one of the small third party counters or pop-up advertisements you have triggered the classification."
But what was true was that, being not guilty, even so I was being ofended by that.
So, I decided to make a new blog and another one I wil make only with the archives of the previous one.
I will have this blog, Alfazema, and other called, maybe, Memory Lane: the archives of Mrs L.
I will repost in that blog, day by day, in the same order I posted first time. And when all that is made, I will delete the old Mrs L. without loosing all the information.

Why this name Alfazema

I wanted a name that could talk about me, that could mean all about me. So I choose Alfazema that is Lavender. I always liked so much lavender since my early years and I have it in various forms: bags, soaps, bath gels, everything.
And in other way, it means me because the all idea of lavender reminds the traditional way I was raised, the feminine ways I have lived in always and the domestiticy, the confort of being a feminine woman and liking the home so much.
So Lavender it is, Alfazema.


Beti Copetti said...

Oi amiga!
Coisa complicada isto, hem?
Mas já estou fazendo o link pra cá também!!!!
Boa sorte com o novo blog! (E o nome continua sendo lindo!)

. said...

Ah, obrigada!