Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Saturday

Kimberly at How Sweet The Sound hosts Pink Saturday.
After some problems with my computor, that are not completely solved, I'm joining again.

For me, pink things are usualy flowers.
So, the one in the top is that azalea that I posted before about it. It is still blooming in full force. I'm amazed how nice the plant still looks.

This one is from one of my african violets, the last I bought and the more pink one.

These plants I bought at the market some time ago and they are growing very nicely and nice they are with its pink leaves.

For now they are standing in my kitchen windowsill but I'm planing to put them outside. Let's see if they like it or not.

Until next saturday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lent begins. Today is Ash Wednesday. We don't eat meat today, neither desserts or anything of the like. And what we eat, we do it scarcely, depending on what each person usualy eats. We are fasting. Not big deal, we only must fast two days a year, today and on Holly Friday.

So today, we are going to make tuna rice.

Put some olive oil in a pam and add onions, cut, and when it's transparent add tomato - or not - and seasonig: salt, pepper, parsley and maybe red pepper.

Mix and add the tuna. Mix again.

Now add the rice and mix.

After that you will add water, the double of the rice: two cups of rice, four of water.

When it's ready we will eat some but not too much.
And you may be sure, it will taste as the best food in the whole world.

At fasting days, we do fell so thankfull to Our Lord who give us everyday food.

Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie;
Give us this day our daily bread.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The computer man came yesterday night. I'm not sure if it's ok now, but let's see.
Yesterday I didn't go to work because it's carnival. I don't like it. I used to when I was a child because children always like carnival. My grandmother was very good to us and used to dress us for it. I was a fairy, a spanish, a ladybird... So many things. And it was she who made the clothes. I liked to paint my face as a grown up - strictly on this days of carnival.

Well, but now I an adult and I don't like it now. I have to dress one of my girls friday before carnival so they cane have it also at school. Done for this year.
Now it's only to feel good at home. Yesterday and today.
Tomorow is the go back to work with Fasting opening Lent.

Yesterday I decided it was baking day and made cakes. I forgot to take the pictures but because I couldn't post the ones I took for my little girl's birthday - at 31 January !!! - because the computer was not well, I will now.

I made two to put one on top of the other wit some chocolate spread between them.
The problem was I made one - very well - then I put the other in the oven and went to take my big girls who were in church having classes for taking the Sacrament of Confirmation.
When we came back the cake was a tiny bit overdone and my husband didn't realized it, otherwise he would have put the oven off.
So, in the pictures, you will see that one layer is darker then the other.

Then, on top of it, I put some cream and sugary decoration plus the candles.
It was not so nice looking as the ones I buy to their birthdays but this was made by me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

More corners of my home

My computor is in the same situation. The man didn't went to my home yet to fix it.
So, here I am again, looking in my Flickr pictures something to show you in this Show and Tell Friday.
I'm calling it "More corners of my home" but I should say " Waiting for Spring", because I will post past pictures om my "blooming house" past Springs.

Or should I call it "my window"?

Show and Tell

Yellow Week IV

Remember Christmas?

For more on Yellow Week go to
Domesticalli and House on the hill road.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yellow Week III


Cuscus, a yellow thing I like very much, even more if it's my husmand making it. He does it much better then me.
I could eat some now.

For more on Yellow Week go to
Domesticalli and House on the hill road.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yellow Week II

Another sunny day

Here we are again.
My husband gave me these flowers last year.

Near the computer

They look so nice by my kitchen window but then I had to put them near the computer because he said I should put it where I could see them often - yes, he was saying I go to the computer often.

For more on Yellow Week go to
Domesticalli and House on the hill road.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yellow Week I

I’m still computorless and depending on other people charity. However, I saw at Domesticalli an idea that she saw at the House on the hill road.
And because I can use my pictures from Flickr in whatever computor, I decided I will join.
So, yellow it is, as you can see in this sea of yellow flowers.
Looks like the sun as landed on earth.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thinking on Valentines Day

Two dozen red roses

As you know, I'm posting from other's computors. So, wanting to join Friday Show and Tell at Kelli's, I went to look for some pictures at my flickr. There I found a lot of things my husband gave me through the years, not only at VD but even in normal days.
So, I choose some.

Roses from my husband

My husband gave me


Roses from my husband

Show and Tell

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Centerpiece Party

My computor is still not well. Maybe it’s some virus. The problem is I’m waiting for the man to go there and fix it but he didn’t go yet.
So, I’m living on the charity of other people, computor speaking. Or I go to the one I have at work, that is not really mine, or to my girl’s ones. It’s not the same thing.
I have been posting some recicled pictures from my flickr or some i had posted some time ago.
It’s the case of this one.
It’s from last Easter.
Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting a centerpiece party and I wanted so much to join. Then I remembered I had this picture of last Easter and there am I.
If you want to join go to her blog. She has a Mister Linky thing.
I hope to come back soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Corners of my home


Today, I had the idea of posting some pictures on corners of my home for Show and Tell Friday.

Mirror on the wall

A mirror that my husband gave me some years ago is in the entrance hall.

Three pianists in my house

The piano always open because the girls keep playing.

Books everywhere.

And this little corner. It's not new, this picture, is from last spring, but never mind.We need a bit of colour in these dark days.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Rain and fog

Rain and fog. And wind. Everyday now.

For Outdoor Wedesday.