Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yellow Week I

I’m still computorless and depending on other people charity. However, I saw at Domesticalli an idea that she saw at the House on the hill road.
And because I can use my pictures from Flickr in whatever computor, I decided I will join.
So, yellow it is, as you can see in this sea of yellow flowers.
Looks like the sun as landed on earth.


Beth at Aunties said...

So beautiful! We are having a huge snow day ( up to seven more inches on the benches) today and spring flowers feed my soul and help me look forward to what is to come! Thanks for sharing and I love looking at your posts. The roses were gorgeous!

Jenny said...

Thanks for managing to post despite your computer problems. Its almost springlike today in Scotland after the cold and snow, your sea of yellow is a blast of sunshine

Modern Crush said...

Just gorgeous!! What a beautiful shot

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful too. Yellow is such a cheerful colour!