Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The computer man came yesterday night. I'm not sure if it's ok now, but let's see.
Yesterday I didn't go to work because it's carnival. I don't like it. I used to when I was a child because children always like carnival. My grandmother was very good to us and used to dress us for it. I was a fairy, a spanish, a ladybird... So many things. And it was she who made the clothes. I liked to paint my face as a grown up - strictly on this days of carnival.

Well, but now I an adult and I don't like it now. I have to dress one of my girls friday before carnival so they cane have it also at school. Done for this year.
Now it's only to feel good at home. Yesterday and today.
Tomorow is the go back to work with Fasting opening Lent.

Yesterday I decided it was baking day and made cakes. I forgot to take the pictures but because I couldn't post the ones I took for my little girl's birthday - at 31 January !!! - because the computer was not well, I will now.

I made two to put one on top of the other wit some chocolate spread between them.
The problem was I made one - very well - then I put the other in the oven and went to take my big girls who were in church having classes for taking the Sacrament of Confirmation.
When we came back the cake was a tiny bit overdone and my husband didn't realized it, otherwise he would have put the oven off.
So, in the pictures, you will see that one layer is darker then the other.

Then, on top of it, I put some cream and sugary decoration plus the candles.
It was not so nice looking as the ones I buy to their birthdays but this was made by me.


Spruce Creek Farm said...

I imagine that your little girl loved the cake you baked. The chocolate spread in the middle looked really good.I bet you didn't have any leftovers!
I baked a cake the other day from scratch; it didn't taste as good as a store bought cake mix. I wish I could find a recipe for a homemake cake that is light and moist. I'll just keep baking one until I find one I like!
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Jenny said...

Your cake looks delicious. This afernoon I sat outside with my husband enjoying a tea break from gardening. We both agreed how reliable tea and home made cake are in a world downturn, your computer may let you down your baking won't.

Anonymous said...

The cake looks beautiful and delicious!

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