Friday, December 18, 2015

Music for these Christmassy days

A good music to listen while wrapping presents. But if you are already tired after wrapping for one hour or two maybe it's better to listen to White Christmas.

But if you are in a funny mood maybe you would prefer to listen this version - very good to wrap and to prepare the house for Christmas. Or maybe while you bake.
But if you can watch it while you listen, still better.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'm late, I'm late

Yes, as always. What about the good intentions of being on time this year? I am again late but I will not despair because it's not Christmas Eve yet so there is still hope.

What I still must do ?

  • to buy presents - yes, I have a lot bought already but not all
  • to wrap  - I haven't all presents wrapped, but I do have all the supplies: paper (a lot), ribbons,  Scotch tape (plenty)... I think I have everything.
  • to buy baking things - to say the truth, I even didn't see, for sure, what is really missing. I must do it today.
  • to finish all the cleaning and tidying I want to do before Christmas

Well, I must run and I'm so decided that on the 24 I will have all things wrapped (or almost all) Tat I will come here and tell the truth after Christmas.

Progress report will follow everyday - or almost.