Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On lavenders

My lavender, which I had at the door, dried out.

It was quite nice and it has grown much more than the double. I bought it quite small but she was happy with my care and was very nice. It even bloomed so well. When I would come in or out my skirt would touch it and a wonderful scent of lavender crossed the air.

Not anymore, last Summer the heat wave killed it. I was careful watering it and all but even so it dried. The air was so dry and hot like an oven and even with water it didn't survive. The heat reached 38ºC  but maybe it was even hotter in that spot.

I don't know if I told you before but I am a procrastinator so I managed to put off the problem for some time and when I, at last, put myself together to buy a new one there was none of my liking.

Spanish Lavender

All I could find was the spanish type which, being nice enough, it was not the one I wanted and had more to do with me.
So which one do I prefer ? The angustifolia !


Not dententa, the french one, the angustifolia, the english one.

Image result for lavandula dentata leaves

Oh well, I think I feel so tired with the search that I will accept a dentata gladely.
We will see.
Wait for next episode.