Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lent begins. Today is Ash Wednesday. We don't eat meat today, neither desserts or anything of the like. And what we eat, we do it scarcely, depending on what each person usualy eats. We are fasting. Not big deal, we only must fast two days a year, today and on Holly Friday.

So today, we are going to make tuna rice.

Put some olive oil in a pam and add onions, cut, and when it's transparent add tomato - or not - and seasonig: salt, pepper, parsley and maybe red pepper.

Mix and add the tuna. Mix again.

Now add the rice and mix.

After that you will add water, the double of the rice: two cups of rice, four of water.

When it's ready we will eat some but not too much.
And you may be sure, it will taste as the best food in the whole world.

At fasting days, we do fell so thankfull to Our Lord who give us everyday food.

Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie;
Give us this day our daily bread.


IRENE said...

A time of cleansing inside and out, in body and spirit, of reflection and of a more intense spiritual life.
We have stopped eating mea last Sunday. This week is cheese only. Then after Monday, we are not supposed to eat meat or dairy until Easter. I always look forward to this season. It is so liberating!
Wishing you a blessed Lent and a glorious Easter.

Lulu said...

i to didnt eat meat yesterday..Although i always forget, yesterday i didnt..