Sunday, February 17, 2008

A bag full of good things

Now I'll begin to post regularly in this new blog.

I know I did the first post yesterday but it was a kind of introdution, now is the real first one and it will be about something good my husband bought for us.

Yesterday, saturday, my husband was not here because he's out working. But in the previous saturday he was here.

So, he went to the Charcuterie Française and brought a big bag full of something. Even before we could see what was inside, we knew that was a good thing.

Look in here. We looked and ansiousely waited for the unfolding of the mistery.


Croissants! real frensh croissants. We eated it with butter and jam from the Madeira Island: mango jam. Oh, it was good!

Pitty this weekend he was not here.

Never mind. Today is sunday so, a new week is begining.

And next weekend he will be here and maybe he will buy us more croissants. Not that we couldn't buy them by ourselves.

It's just it tastes better if it's him buying it.

P.S.: As it was not enough he also bought a crab.

Whatever next!

1 comment:

IRENE said...

There is nothing like freshly baked croissants and a fragrant cup of tea. I totally agree with you. Everything is even more delicious when offered by our loved ones...
Blessings to you and your family.