Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When I'm not here

I haven't been here much lately as everybody knows, assuming that there are people who come here and know when I blog and when I don't.

There are so many reasons for being away often.
One is that maybe I am a Jack of all trades, I do a lot of things, which doesn't mean I do something properly.

Another is that I work outside all day. I say I work outside because I don't like to say " I work" just because I work outside my house too, not only at home. It would look as if  women who work at home only don't work, they do and they work a lot - to say the truth the dream of my life is to retire early to work at home. Not from home, mind you, at home, minding my own life.

So I work out and even so I do like to go around on the internet world and I must find time for that. It means that I am present at Facebook, at Pinterest, at Flickr and at the blogosphere. And I research a lot all over the internet on matters that interest me so I may stay informed and have an opinion on all those matters. I visit some very good sites everyday.

And yes, I have work at home too.
It's a lot, isn't it ? That's why  I go from one place to another leaving things undone in all the other places where I can't go for lack of capacity of billocation - and also for lack of organizational skills, I must say.

I don't intend at all to just go away from blogosphere, I do like to read several blogs of different kind, including organizing blogs that portray those amazing houses so neat and tidy with everything in its place. I gave up having a house like those, I just want a clean and tidy house, that's all and I can say things are going from good to better and I'm very happy with it.

Other blogs I like are those who show normal life either in America or in the UK. I like to feel as if I was there. I like to see how is the weather there, the fields and houses.

That is a way of not just get inspiration but also to open another window in me. I see and save things I like and have to do with me in many ways. It's an escape, a way to get inspired and to feel good.

I used to be on Flickr for some time and then I stopped, the same way I stopped blogging - and in that time I was not on Pinterest. Now I'm back in full swing. Unlike Facebook, I don't need to think when I am there, I just relax. It's good.

My opinionated side is happy there. I inform and get informed. I give my opinion. There I know people who think like me. It's where I work harder and I feel very good about it.

I always think that I need to come here more often. I will try harder.

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