Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm back

I'm back from computorless land. My internet is working! Well, let's hope it will be for some time, not just for this moment.
Anyway, I will present you with all those pictures and happenings I was keeping to show you.

First it was our wedding aniversary. See the beautiful silver frame my husband gave me - and it was not our silver aniversary, we are married "only" for 20 years. It's quite big, even if in the picture it doesn't show.

Then my nephew's birthday. The girls went to his party, a childrens one, even if my oldest girl is 17!

After that it was one my girl's birthday - 14 she is now. Here it is her cake.

B birthday cake

Then it was my birthday. See the cake/pudding my mother gave me as a present - among others. It's a kind of merengue buy a soft one with a melted sugar syrup. Oh, I like it so much. It was mostly me who ate it all and it was huge!



This evening my husband made us, for dinner, this which we call cod with cream.

Cod with cream

And this was one of my girl's presents to me - chocolats inside!

The weather as been quite nice and cold - for my taste - as you can see here. Yesterday and today morning it rained so much. Now is sunny, which is not bad because I can wash a lot of clothes and put them in the line to dry.

Maybe all this is not very interesting for you , but I was so ansious to tell you about it all that I'm happy to finaly post it here.

See you tomorow - I hope.


Alexandra said...

Happy belated birthdays to you both! And Happy Anniversary. Those cakes look so good. The meringue reminds a bit of flan - my favorite.

I just saw a show(HGTV) on the T.V. about people buying a vacation home in Portugal. Ahhh, I was wishing we could do the same! So beautiful. I forget which area it was, but it was by the sea, maybe near you.

Beti Copetti said...

Parabéns, de novo pelo aniversário !! Um mês sem internet, mas cheio de festas, né? Este pudim que sua mãe lhe deu, chamamos aqui de pudim de claras.E é uma delícia!!!
Que bom que você está de volta!!!

Lola said...

Happy Birthday!
Everything looked so delicious!!
Is your cake like a flan?

BTW could you share your favorite dinner recipe? As a working mother, what do you most love to cook for your children and dh? A favorite cookbook? I'll be searching your past postings since you may have already posted this information. (I am an MLS and my last post before I left to stay home, was in the Business/Government and Technology section. Where the cookbooks live!)

God Bless and Happy All Souls Day.

. said...

I must post something answering your questions.

Mélia said...

So many missed milestones!

Happy birthday to you and your daughter and happy anniversary to you and your husband.

May God grant you many more.

Drying clothes on the line...oh, how I love that! The smell, there is nothing like it.

Sheila said...

Belated birthday wishes..xx
Bacalhau com nates..my favourite. I could eat the whole thing myself..!
The cake looks delicious as well. I hope you had a lovely day Paula.