Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goods things

Yesterday I managed to do some homemaking, thanks God, and my house is going better.
No need to say that I took frequent breaks to go to the Internet and see how things were doing in Rome.
Lot's of pictures on lots of sites, videos, etc. I was happy.
Today the party goes on. Ah, if I could be in Rome.
But that's ok, I can't say nothing after being there for three weeks in July.

Now, another thing.
I leave you with a music I like very much and I heared today.


Irene said...

You won't believe how much work i mentally count. At some point I must choose between spending time with my kids and cleaning the house. At the end of the day I am so exhausted, all I want is a soup and some time in front of my PC. Let's hope I'll have the time to realise my home dreams when they are all grown up and I get to host my grand-children's parties!

Mery Vale said...

I Love....movie and music!