Monday, January 15, 2018

The eagle

Now I will tell you a true story about an eagle.

A man once found an eagle lying on the floor. She was hurt and couldn't fly, one of her wings was broken - or maybe just very hurt, I don't remember.
That man picked up the eagle and took her to his home.
He took care of her for a long time. 
She, being an eagle and being used to fly, kept trying to raise her wings and fly...but for no avail because she was hurt, she couldn't fly at all.
So she remained on the floor.
As she was getting better due to the care the man, she began getting better and better and at last she could, she was able to fly because she was a eagle and they are meant to fly. The reason she was on the ground for some time was that she was hurt and frail. 
But she didn't give up, she waited till she was healed. She kept trying and trying till she could fly again.
She had stopped flying not because she was meant to be on the floor but because she was not well, but then, because she was an eagle, she was able to fly !

Along the years I have been feeling that I was, I am that eagle. For a long time I felt down but so many times I wanted to fly, I had the urge to be who I really am and tried to fly... but this broken wing didn't let me...and I didn't fly.
The amount of times I tried and the times I left the ground and believed I could ... but I fell down again. Sometimes I even was able to get up off the floor and fly a little and such nice flights they were but they were short because of the pain that didn't let me fly as I wanted. And I fell down again.
But I am a survivor and I'm much better and who knows, maybe my wing is healed now.

And no, it's not too late. I've been climbing this mountain for long so I will reach the summit. It's not that I took too long, it's that the mountain is really high. There were not lost years, were years I spent climbing. I went up and sometimes I fell back a little but I didn't give up so I will not believe that I can't get there, because I can !

Now I will make this eagle fly.

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