Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A fridge story

So now I will tell you about my fridge, or I should say fridges.

Years ago we moved. Our fridge was old and small and we needed a new one.
There I went to chose one and I came home very happy with a nice fridge that was much bigger, pretty and new. And it worked very well.

Years later, not many, we moved again and the new house had a fridge already, the kind that we look at it and it sembles a armário but we open it and it's a fridge and a freezer.
I didn't want at all to loose my old new fridge and my husband said that we should keep it because in a big family two fridges and two freezers would not be too much. And he was right.

Now, many years later, the one that was already in the house decided to not be cold inside at all. A man to fix it was called and he proclaimed that the money to make an old fridge and freezer work would be better spent in a new one. We agreed.

Now enters the one that we brough with us. He still works well but we made a big decision and some not yet done decisions are to be made.
I will explain.
We went to the shop to see new fridges as the one that stopped working and realized that for the price of one like that we would have another very good, big and not so expensive that would not be inside a armário. We decided then to buy a normal one -we stil didn't do it - and transform the armário where is the old one that must go to the rabbish. It wil be a proper armário. Yay ! I'm really happy with my decision.
We will keep the old one and buy a new one just not one inside a armário. Ah, that empty space transformed in a armário. I'm already thinking on the big help it will be because it will be a place, as Winnie the Pooh said, to put things in.

Then I began thinking: what about, instead of having two fridges, if we had just one but big ?

Oh, well, I couldn't decide yet. I will tell you when I do.

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Anonymous said...

Highly energetic blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?