Friday, June 5, 2009

Hooked on Rain

Call me crazy, but I'm hooked on rain. The summer, the heat, all those things most people like, I don't.

So, when today I realized that was begining to rain I could only hope for some nice good rain.

At first it was only some drops but even so the day was delightfull and fresh.

Suddenly, there was the most amazing strong rain falling down, the air was cool and everybody was looking at the window: rain !

My plants were all happy and wet.
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Jenny said...

OK a little rain can be good and freshen things up, but sometimes here in Scotland we just get too much.

Alexandra said...

It's raining cats and dogs here, and I love it! It is very hot here in the summers, so this cools it down. We've also had a few years of drought, so this is a blessing.

Terry said...

In normal times plenty of rain in Atlanta. Last night it rained all evening and it was just warm enough to be very pleasant.

Sandra said...

I LOVE rain, I just wish we got it more often :)