Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to homemaking

Yesterday my big girls had their Sacrament of Confirmation. All the week was very nervous for me. Everything went so well, praise the Lord.

Today is the return to normal life. Homemaking in all fields, including ironing.
Also laundry washing, puting on the line, picking up and fold. I have already tons to fold and put away.
And cleaning and tidying up.

Well, it's better to go now.


Alexandra said...

Congratulations to your daughters! Blessing to them on their spiritual journey, and may the power of the Holy Spirit grow strong in them.

IRENE said...

I love the washing and hanging on the line and folding. I haven't ironed in nearly a year because my hands hurt. I find cleaning prohibitive because I am allergic to most cleaning products, but i do love a clean and ordered house. I am teaching my girls, now, hoping that things will get smoother...But I must say hoyse work is so comforting. Sometimes when I get a day off work and I stay at home to do some housework
I am tempted to stop working!
Have a lovely day!

. said...

thank you so much. They know this is an important step in the life of a catholic person, they feel very responsable. After more then a year of preparation, they finalt reached their goal, to have the Holy Spirit on them.

"I am tempted to stop working", you said. I have dreaming about it for years and I didn't lost the hope. The day will arrive.


Jenny said...

So glad the day went well for your girls and delighted that you find such peace and contentment in your everyday life.