Monday, November 9, 2015

Is it Autumn or Summer ?

So here I am again.
Every year I begin dreaming of Christmas in September. In a very shy way, without telling anybody.
Then it comes October. I then feel I can think of all that a little freely. In the beginning still a bit in the way I think when it's September and then...there it comes the last week of October ! Then I feel absolutely free to think about Christmas all I want. And I feel happy about it.

But now...as I am free to think all I can about it, suddenly I stopped in my tracks.
We have here a meteorological phenomenon which we call St. Martin's Summer. I wonder if that happens in other parts of the world. Around St. Martin's day (11 November) the weather stops getting colder and temperatures rise again.
Can you believe we have now 24ºC ? In November ? Whatever next ? Not Christmassy at all.
So I'm waiting for next week hopping it will be colder again and then I will be in Christmas mode again.

I need to do a lot of lists - I do like lists.
I will tell you when I get in the wagon again and have my lists ready.

Many people is happy about this little Summer but not me, I can't wait for real Autumn again.
I have already some presents bought, wrapping paper, decorations and we are having 24º ?!

I want the cold back !

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Rue said...

It's colder than normal here, so maybe you'll trade with us soon. I know what you mean though, I can't stand a heatwave when it's supposed to be cold.

Nice to see you post again :)