Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Good, not perfect

I always like to see all those magazine perfect pictures in those perfect blogs. I wonder how those ladies are able to have the ideas they have, the good taste and then the ability to transform ideas and dreams in those magnificent rooms.
And I stare...and wonder how they can do it because I can't. I could dream all I wanted that, I think, I could never be able to do the same.

I used to be sad with it even if at the same time I liked to look at all that beauty. Now I decided that I will carry on looking to those blogs and delight myself with the beauty, with the ideas they have but calmly, without feeling frustrated. I will carry on getting inspiration from them but living my life my own way, with my own taste in my own possibilities - and here I don't mean economic possibilities, I mean the psychological ones.

So my aim is not to have a picture perfect house with picture perfect rooms - I never had that dream. I only will carry on with my dream of having a home where I feel good, which I have, but making it better in my own possibilities, a home which is good even if it's not perfect.

Good, not perfect. Ah, that feels good.


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Rue said...

Those ladies don't have the perfect homes and lives that you might imagine. I actually think most of them are living in chaos of a different kind. With perfection comes problems. As my mother always said... "no one is perfect and anyone that pretends they are is living a lie."

I think your home is lovely from what I've seen because it is a home and not a showcase.


P. said...

Thank you, I feel encouraged.