Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is it Christmas yet ?

I know, I know, a lot of you are now saying to yourselves that I am a crazy woman.
What? talking already about Christmas ? Is she crazy ? Aren't we all happy decorating our houses for Fall and showing them to the world, now comes this woman talking about Christmas ? What ever next ? Children are still going back to school !

Yes, Yes, I am. Call me what you feel like but I am truly talking about Christmas, yes.
I used to really think about it in the end of October, last year I started in mid October and now I'm thinking of it in September.
Why not ?!

So I went already through some sites who delightfully talk about it, either this year already ( yes ! I'm not the only one) or from last year.
And I saw a lot of lists, planners, Santas, holly, present ideas, tags for presents...You name it.

As in previous years I will not hope to be in the top decorated houses for Christmas, or to have the prettiest blog posts, I will not have the most delicious cakes and bakes  - or the ones who look like it.

My dream is to have a peaceful Christmas, with health, for me and to all my extended family and not only Christmas but also the days before it, beginning now. 
I pray that Our Lord will grant us this gift and His blessing will be always upon us.


Rue said...

There's nothing wrong with thinking about Christmas early. I started a pinterest for it already ;)

P. said...

Oh, please give me the link and later I will go there.
It's good to find someone who thinks like me.