Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The fresh air of Autumn

I don't like the Summer.
Yes, I like some things in the Summer as going on holidays, being able to stay with my children all day long for several days in a row, visiting beautiful places, specially churches - and taking pictures of them till exhaustion.

But other than the aforementioned reasons, I don't like it.
The heat, the sweat, the sun too strong, the tiredness...
I don't like nothing of that.

Anyway, we are getting free of all that as the days are getting much cooler. 
It feels so good.

Leaves are falling, there are more oxygen in the air, gentle breezes, people look nicer.
I feel the urge to snuggle in the sofa with a cover, drinking hot chocolate or tea and watching a movie or reading.

I also feel more comfortable cleaning and tidying, no sweat and more energy. 
And what is nice is that I don't feel only more physical energy, it's the soul that feels better, I have the feel of wanting to live and to live fully. 
To take care of my house, of myself, like a new beginning.

Should I finish another post saying again: oh, life is good ?!
I think I must.

1 comment:

Rue said...

Autumn.. it truly is wonderful :)

I'm not a fan of Summer either.