Monday, August 8, 2016

Be a happy duck

I was reading a post on Fox Hollow Cottage about depression, Helpful Tools For Living with Depression and I saw very good advise there as, for instance, take on responsibilities, get enough sleep, to gave goals (which like routines, are a kind of a map so you just don't go adrift) and to be kind to yourself.

I would like to add now a little advise of mine: inspire yourself.
One thing that keeps me going is to visit blogs I like and another one is to go to Pinterest. It's such a source of inspiration, of motivation.

Here is my Pinterest: Alfazema. Pretty things and motivational, being this board still in the beginning but which has only things that are related to me, to what I need to read and think to not stop trying.
Look for nice things that inspire you, feel well with some images and try to know why those images can give you peace, or well being or just make you feel well  but you don't want to know why, for now.

But now you must be careful to not stay in the inspirational part only and now I tell you something that is very important: ACTION. Go into action, don't stay seated in your dreams, in your wishes.
I know this has several levels: first we just can't do anything, even thinking tires you. Then you are getting better and feel you would like to live more, not just to seat in life. Then you feel really encouraged and start to make plans. Oh, I like this level, this is when I am feeling really well, so full of plans and wanting to live more.

Then...where is the energy for into action, to make plans a reality ? That is the very hard part, but don't give up, one step each time without stopping. Don't feel discouraged.

One step after the other. GO !

Be a happy duck. Live happy inspite the troubles, one step after the other, one day, then another.
Believe, it's possible.


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Thursday, July 28, 2016


No words needed.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Palace and its Park


Do you remember the kitchen I talked about yesterday? The one in a Palace ? So today I will show you a little of the Palace and surrounding Park.

The Palace was built on the top of the mountain and was one of the residences of the Kings of Portugal. Walking there is like to be in a novel of the XIX century, really beautiful.

The Park is imense, so green and nice.
On the top we are often enveloped in fog which gives us a feeling of being in a story and not in real life.

The temperature there is always softer, even if we are in Summer.


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Old Kitchen

So we went, all happy, to visit this wonderful kitchen that has served Kings and Queens of the XIX and XX Century.

The Palace is all really beautiful, the interior and the outside, not no mention the beautiful park surrounding it. Probably I will make a post on the Palace too.

So, this beauty was built in Portugal, in a town near Lisbon. People may just take the train and then the bus.
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Just saying

I've been reading blogs and what some people think of the referendum in Britain. I'm not British but I have my own opinion so I will say:
I'm very happy because the OUT won. And I like Boris.
Now sue me for that if you want.

Britain was great before the European Union and will be even greater after the Leave.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Each Day is a New Beginning

... and we must thank Our Lord for each morning.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The blessing of Seasons - Winter

I know, most people don't like Winter. 
Because it's too cold, or has too much snow or even because it's too wet.
Well, I like it any way.

I can't say I have snow here, which is a pity. Some years ago it snowed which was such an happening. Even the television stopped what it was doing it to announce that was snowing. Not anymore. What we get each year is a good dose of rain and wind and a little cold.
The forecast is announcing rain till the middle of the month and I, who like to dry my clothes in the sun, feel a little depressed about it.
To say the truth, Our Lord must be tired of complaints. First it was that it didn't rain for too long and I was fearing a severe drought. And I like so much the rain, I needed it to feel well. 
Now I complain that I need some days of sun because I can't dry my clothes. Oh, well, it's better to leave it with Our Lord Who knows better what to do.

Even so I can't wait to see my lines full of clothes to dry !

(old pictures, I'm afraid! Some new ones soon)