Monday, June 9, 2008

Another cake and another party

Another cake

Well, another cake.
Yesterday we went with the birthday girl and her friends to that place I told you to play. It's a place where there is people taking care of the children and lots of things to play with. They did quite a lot of playing and then they went to eat sandwiches, etc, including ice cream and cake.
This was the decoration she choose, in advance, to her cake. It was very good and they were all so happy.

Here is she with her long hair and skinny arms

and here the little one.

It was a happy afternoon, thanks be to God.


IRENE said...

There are such playhouses in Greece as well. We spent Monday afternoon in one of those as a friend of our 6 year old son had a party. It got fresher in the evening, and it was really pleasant. Now that our youngest is not a baby anymore, I can sit and enjoy my drink.
Please don't stop buying them childish cakes. I have felt like that myself, but then I reasoned that if they really like them and the design is of good taste (we all like Madagascar in this household), it doesn't matter. Let them have fun.
(What IS your name?)

Beti Copetti said...

Quanta festa nesta casa, hem?
Muito bom isto, sempre comemorando a vida!!! parabéns pra mamãe e pra filhinha aniversariante!!