Friday, August 14, 2009

The Romantic Museum of Oporto

I visited, in Oporto, some time ago, a beautiful museum that was a house in the XIX century. I felt so well inside. I am sure that most of you would like it. So, I will postsome pictures of it but, sorry for the poor quality of some of them, because we could take picture but without flash.

As it says in the Town Council website: the Museum reproduces the interior of a rich dwelling of the 19th century with special notice to some aspects of the decorative arts of that period. Charles Albert, King of Sardinia came here into exile and died on this house on 28 July 1849. Some of the rooms of the house where he lived were restored in his memory.

Here it goes.

The two above pictures show the diningroom.

What I liked in this house was the "normal look" of it. Could be a house of today, it was not a palace, just a good house.

The ball room - well this room is not from a "normal" house !

One bedroom.

The chaise long so the lady of the house could have a nap after lunch withour goung to bed at that time of the day - most improper for a lady, going to bed in the afternoon.

Isn't that beautiful ?

Here is the King Charles Albert of Sardinia, that lived here his last days .
Very inspiring, this lovely house and his furniture.


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