Monday, September 21, 2009

She rises when is still night

The day began very dark

Today I woke up at 5.30 AM. Also my big girl.
It was not like this image yet. It was a deep and dark night with a sky ful of stars.
The reason for that is that today was first day of school for her, first day at university.
Here, parents don't dump their children at the university in the first day and leave them alone and forgoten until next holidays. People go to classes everyday in the morning and come back at the end of the day to their homes.
So, I took her to the train station at 6 A.M. and at 7.40 she was calling me to say she was already at the university. She only begins classes at 8 but went early because it was first day.
Happily, mondays are the only days she has to go so early, usualy she will begin at 10.
I remember when it was me, I would arrange my schedule in a fashion I could stay there for the less time I could and come back home quickly.
I always prefered home and family to outside and strangers.


Lulu said...

hope she had a good day at school..

Alexandra said...

Good for Portugal! I think that makes much more sense to treat school like work. I never liked being left at the university. It was such an artificial environment, and I was not into the adolescent party scene.

I would like my children to do the same. I know the oldest wants to do this, and/or do online university.

Lady Farmer said...

I see you are one of my followers (on one of my blogs, but not sure which one). I have tried to 'visit' you from my followers list but either my computer had problems or it had you 'Anonymous'! Some how I saw your blog name on someone elses blog and here I am to say Hello!
I have not even looked at any of your posts, but your header is lovely! Could you tell me what country you are living in and a little about yourself?
I live in Washington State, USA on a small farm.
Thank you for visiting me at my blog ~ it is so fun to meet others all over the world! I do hope you will stop over again!
I am going now to take a look around your blog!

Lady Farmer said...

I just read your profile and see you are from Portugal! Guess I should read first, ask questions after! :~P

. said...

It's ok, Lady Farmer. welcome and thanks for your visit.

IRENE said...

Best wishes for your daughter!

Tabiboo said...

Good luck to your big girl at university.

Nina x

Robin said...

Hugs~ Hope all went well. It's better not just dropping them off. It tore my heart out to leave my oldest daughter at her dorm room.
Happy Weekend~
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