Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My birthday

On the 22 October it was one of my girl's birthday, as I posted before, and on the 24 was mine.
I wanted to post here a picture of the cake and all but I couldn't find a way of transfering the pictues to my computer because I have a new camera!

Yes, my husband gave me as one of the presents. The other one is perfectly good but he wanted to give me one more advanced. The problem is I was so used to the other one that now I don't know, yet, to do some things as putting all the photos in the computer.
Never mind. I will show you the ones taken with the old one.

That's hubby's hand here.

I don't dare to show my face. When I see me in the mirror, I don't dislike it and accept very well the signs of the time but when somebody takes a picture of me it's so depressing. I was looking at some my husband took and I couldn't stop thinking to myself: who is this old woman? And I felt a bit sorry for my husband who married a pretty girl and now have this fat and old thing.
Well, I must say to myself that the image in the mirror is the true one, not the ones in the pictures.
Don't think now that I have a low self estime. I quite like me , with all my good and bed things - in my own opinion, more good than bed. It's just I have a very bad relationship with the camera when it comes to my face. I think I'm never well enough.
Sorry about this, I just needed to talk. Maybe someone who reads my blog can feel the same and understand.

Now, here they are some presents I had, given by my mother: a rose plant, a nightie ( it's so pretty, isn't it?)

a big birthay cake, my favorite, here still inside the box, and a Christmas towel.

My mother knows how I'm crazy for Christmas.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh I so well understand your issue with pictures of yourself!!! Oh my yes! I fully dislike pics taken of me, by anyone else. The only pics of me, which I will share, are ones I have taken of myself, like in a mirror. ,-)

Try it some time! We can take as many pics of ourselves, in a mirror, as we want. And eventually, we'll find one or two, which NEARLY please us. :-) Please do try it.

After all, no one but you has to know you did. And you may surprise yourself, by finding a picture you kind of like! :-)

Jennyff said...

I can identify with your image problems, I hate my photographs and quite often I see my mother not me. Inside I feel quite young and I think that's the answer, how you percieve yourself not how you actually look. So avoid mirrors and cameras is my advice. Happy birthday.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Happy belated birthday to all.

Nina x

Lola said...

Happy Birthday!

(And you and your darling daughter are born in my favorite Month!)

Annie Jeffries said...

Love the tablecloth but definitely, that new camera is the prize winner for a present.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Blessings to you. :)