Sunday, April 3, 2011


 So many things happened and I didn't come here. It was Christmas, then a new year. And then, In the beginning of March, we went to England!

Now it's April and I didn't post anything yet!

So, here I go, with some pictures of wonderful Canterbury, were my husband was born and were I didn't go for so many years.

It was rather cold but nice.

I'll try not to stay again so much time without posting.


Alexandra said...

A beautiful ancient town. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jenny said...

Canterbury is lovely, you could say it left you speechless which is why we haven't heard from you. Nice to have you back.

. said...

I've been busy because of my other blog. One of them reached a new record: 180 readers in a day! I'm very pleased.
That's why I've been away. I'll try not to stay in silence for such long time again.

. said...

*my other blogs (plural)

Like sunshine in the home said...

You know I've never been to Canterbury I don't think...

Nice to see a post from you. xx