Friday, January 8, 2016

The blessing of Seasons - Winter

I know, most people don't like Winter. 
Because it's too cold, or has too much snow or even because it's too wet.
Well, I like it any way.

I can't say I have snow here, which is a pity. Some years ago it snowed which was such an happening. Even the television stopped what it was doing it to announce that was snowing. Not anymore. What we get each year is a good dose of rain and wind and a little cold.
The forecast is announcing rain till the middle of the month and I, who like to dry my clothes in the sun, feel a little depressed about it.
To say the truth, Our Lord must be tired of complaints. First it was that it didn't rain for too long and I was fearing a severe drought. And I like so much the rain, I needed it to feel well. 
Now I complain that I need some days of sun because I can't dry my clothes. Oh, well, it's better to leave it with Our Lord Who knows better what to do.

Even so I can't wait to see my lines full of clothes to dry !

(old pictures, I'm afraid! Some new ones soon)

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