Thursday, November 23, 2017

One more month

One more month and it's Christmas. However I have to say that I am in Christmas mode since October - secretly since September.

As we haven't Thanksgiving, we don't need to wait for after it to gear into the Beautiful Season.
I have been shopping for presents since October but in spite of all my good intentions, I'm afraid I didn't wrap any of them.

The stash keeps growing and if I will not be careful I will end up with marathons of wrapping sessions.
Anyway. we still have time.

We only decorate for Christmas from 1 of December. I can't wait to put the Nativity and the tree up and candles and garlands and bells...

I began singing Christmas songs in October when everybody laughed at me because of that, imagine now that I can sing all I want.

I began putting together a Christmas planner with list of presents, to whom they are, the amount I spent and also what I need to buy as presents and for the meals of the Day and Eve.

I will keep reporting and reminding everybody that is the time to do it.

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