Friday, December 1, 2017

24 days to Christmas

Christmas time is in full swing. Yay ! Now we really are.
I know I've been thinking about Christmas since October, (cough, cough...I mean September...) but there were other things to think about too. 
First it was the beginning of the School year which here begins half September. Then I wanted to feel I was really in Autumn and the weather in his antics sometimes gave us good, true Autumn days, either with a little rain ( it didn't rain much) or with nice, fresh days with pure air and not a hint of heat or some hot days as if it was Summer!
After having Autumn well installed, I had in my mind some birthdays. Then it was Thanksgiving all over the internet.
And this year we had a special day: yesterday one of my girls, nº3, Carolina, had her Confirmation- called also Chrismation.
It was a happy and so special day, full of blessings.

But now...rolling drums...It's Christmas Time !!!
In my house we have a date set to begin decorating: 1 December. We must put the tree up that day and also the Nativity.  In the next days we do the other things, one bit at a time.
So as we are ending November, we can't wait to put the wreath at the door and begin the party !

I will, obviously, post some pictures when things are done but for now I will leave you with some of Christmas though the years in my house.

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