Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot today

Today is hot !

And we still have August and September to go.

If you like the heat and continuous days of strong sunshine, choose to spend your holiday in this corner of Europe, you won't regret.
-Oops, looks like I should work on a travel agency !


IRENE said...

It is quite hot here, too. Morning begins at about 28C then by mid day we are at about 38C. Last week and the week before it rained every afternoon, but it hasn't rained at all this week.
I like summer when it is sunny but there is a little wind to keep us fresh.
I hope you get to stay inside by mid day and take a little walk in the afternoon!
I haven't checked where your home town is on the map. It certainly looks charming. Is there a seaside or lake nearby?

Alexandra said...

Ugg, no thanks! ;)

Lisbon is almost on the same latitude as where I live in Virginia. I think we have similar weather being near the water. Hot and sticky.

Although I'd love to visit Portugal again! I haven't been since I was a child.

Therese said...

I prefer the heat to the cold. It has been really cold here in the mornings and I have had our heater on when I get out of bed. I can't wait for the warmer weather.

. said...


38C by midday is too hot. Here we had not that this year but last year it was till 40C!!! I hope God will prevent us of that.


We must remember that is the same latitude but there is the Golf Stream. I think it's hoter here.

If I could, I would have never Summer. I can't stand it.

Thanks to all for your visit and comments.